A Day in Pictures

One of Mama Kat‘s prompts this week was to share a day of your life in pictures. Every day of the past two weeks has been the same (except for the days when my fever was above 103 and I stayed home in bed, nursing my own pneumonia)

view from Michael’s hospital window. That’s where I sat or where I lay down when the pain was too bad and I had to turn the couch into a bed.

the ‘roof garden’ the volunteer raved about as she took us up to his room. I think that was supposed to distract us both from the huge ONCOLOGY sign. It worked for Michael. I have yet to see any patient or any family member but me use it. I go there to make phone calls. And to cry. And to yell and stomp around.

edge of Michael’s bed. I haven’t been able to get very close to him. If I lean in I can get a quick kiss when I get there and when I leave most days, but some days he’s in too much pain to even be touched.


It isn’t all bad news, though. What appeared to be a mass in his lung was actually a huge cyst full of infectious gunk. It had exploded by the time they were able to get him on the surgery schedule (a week after admission) so he’s very ill. We don’t know yet what the much-smaller tumor on his bladder is. He’s coming home later this week with a PICC line (a long-term central line placed in his arm for antibiotics and blood draws), oxygen, antibiotics that run on a pump 24 hours a day, and God only knows what else.

Thanks to everyone who has seen and responded to my posts on my personal FB page. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate all the prayers and positive thoughts!

19. September 2018 by Angie
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Book Suggestions for You from August

Y’all know my literary tastes are eclectic. I don’t read non-fiction or Literary Fiction because I live the depressing and thought-provoking parts of life. I read Fiction in all its genres! Here are four recent favorites:

Thief by C.L. Stone (Mystery/Thriller)
Kayli is a young woman who has supported her younger brother for years as a pick-pocket. Her skills attract the notice of a quasi-government group called The Academy. Full of fascinating characters, fast-paced, and well-written, this is the first in a series I’m sure I’ll enjoy!


Marigolds and Murder by London Lovett (Cozy Mystery)
Lacey Pinkerton isn’t the usual small-town sleuth. She has an enhanced sense of smell that earned her big bucks in the perfume industry. But now she owns a flower shop and ‘sniffs out’ clues. A very original take on the genre – I’ll be reading more of the series!


Thirty-Three Going on Girlfriend by Becky Monson Fiction/Humor)
This is the second book in a series, but perfect as a stand-alone. Think real-life bakery owner trying to do Cupcake Wars as well as wedding cakes and Maid-of-Honor duties for both her best friend and baby sister. I literally did laugh until I cried. If you need a mood-lifter this is the book for you!


Sorrow’s Point by Danielle Devor (Horror)
Well-researched, well-written, and seriously creepy. No, it’s not Stephen King or Joe Hill, but it’s horror properly done. Not blood-and-guts but setting-as-character. PERFECT for letting readers pull in their own disturbing details! This involves a de-frocked priest and his Wiccan friend – a combo I’m looking forward to reading more about!

05. September 2018 by Angie
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Culling the Herd

I’ve been unfollowing people people on FB for some time who only post political posts. If I wanted to follow politicians I’d do so and get it from the horse’s Social Media flunky’s mouth.

I’ve also been unfollowing people on Instagram who only post selfies or worse, post fashionista pics of their pre-school girls in heels with designer purses, sunglasses, and outfits. All with full makeup and hair, of course.   Lately it’s been Twitter people I don’t really know and companies I don’t care about.

But today someone I’ve always followed on all the Social Media forums (Wendi Aarons) took a stab at Melania Trump’s philanthropic focus as FLOTUS. They each have one and I suspect it’s required. Melania is anti-bullying. Maybe Wendi thought she was being funny. She is, after all, an award-winning humorist, a paid professor for a class called How to Write Funny, and the author of a book with the same title. I don’t find this funny.

As a victim of bullying myself and a parent of a victim I think this is a worthy and timely focus. Pre-teens are committing suicide or sneaking in guns to kill students and teachers! YES, it’s important. NO, it’s not a topic for jokes. Clearly neither this woman nor her children have never been a victim. Nor has she been an educator who had to deal with parents and administrators about this serious issue.

I took the time I’d have used to edit my novel today to make sure I’d unfollowed her on every Social Media outlet, then to write this post. I don’t care what Wendi thinks about politicians or their views, but I am VERY MUCH in favor of someone in the national spotlight taking a stand against bullying. If you are anti-bullying you’ll follow my lead and unfollow her immediately to let her know we are not ‘trolls’, but people who want to take a stance against bullying. #prokid #prohappiness

She’s on FaceBook (two sites), Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram. She also has a blog and contributes posts on fashion regularly to a popular online site. You’ll have to trouble finding her if you’re interested in making sure you don’t follow her or support her sponsors. It was certainly worth my time and effort.


21. August 2018 by Angie
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