I’m working on my “40 bags in 40 days” for Lent, and today I ended up packing up 4 heavy boxes of books to donate to charity. I started with the laundry basket full of books in my bedroom, moved on to the books stacked on the baker’s rack in the kitchen, and finally reached the living room bookshelves. About halfway through this adventure my husband finished with “Old Guy Band Day” and asked if I could take a break to go shop for a new computer printer. Ours had died earlier in the week, so I was up for it. When we got back home (after an unscheduled detour to Steak N Shake for and early supper – YUMM!) Michael took over removing books from the shelves and cleaning the shelves and books while I paid bills (ICK). When I got done all the shelves were bright and shiny – YIPPEE! But am I the only person who thinks books should be arranged by author, and then chronologically? You don’t just throw books on the shelf at random. And you don’t (as my very best friend in the world once suggested) EVER take their protective dust covers off – NO! The guys all thought it was funny that my complete Anne Rice collection was out of order and that I was quite agitated about it. It’s not like my canned goods need to be alphabetized, people, but if “Interview With the Vampire” is not well to the left of “Blackwood Farm” on my bookshelf I could not sleep well tonight. Am I alone here? Really, if I’m over the edge someone please let me know!

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  1. Yes, You are over the edge. Worry about something really important, like, are your herbs and spices alphabetized. That would drive me crazy, not books. Honey, you keep your books anyway you want, just don't touch my spices. Bookcase looks great!

  2. LOL! I used to arrange them by fiction and non-fiction and then alphabetically.

    Then I had kids who liked to mess them up and I gave up!

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