Of crockpots and marching bands, pancreatitis and baby showers

— 1 —

When I plugged in my Aunt Beverly’s crockpot earlier this week a fireball the size of a golfball appeared where the cord connects to the outer pot. Thankfully, Michael was there to calm my screeching, unplug the crockpot, and wipe away the scorch marks I was sure were a permanent addition to my much-loved granite counter. When we examined the bottom of the crockpot more closely we realized how lucky we’d been not to have burned the whole house down – the cord was attached by only a tiny filament of wire. So although I’m mourning the loss of a fabulous crockpot I know how lucky I am to have avoided a much larger disaster.

— 2 —

I think that was the same day Boss pushed through the picket fence at the side of the house and I had to retrieve him from the neighbor’s driveway. Another close call.

— 3 —

In more positive exciting news John’s band won Grand Champion at their fourth competition in a row. This was the only one close enough for me to travel to so far, and it was amazing. If I could find a competition close by and sneak a recliner into the stands I’d watch marching bands perform all day every Saturday. Every show I watch is like magic to me, since I have absolutely no musical ability and a complete lack of rhythm or hand-eye coordination. If I can climb to my seat in the bleachers and back down again it’s a significant accomplishment for me. What these kids are doing out there on the field just enthralls me.

— 4 —

We did have a little extra band stress on Tuesday, when John was supposed to order his letter jacket. He has a Paypal debit card for just these sorts of occasions, but there was a communication problem and Michael and I ended up spending forty minutes each way in rush hour traffic to write a check before the jacket representative left for the day. Lesson learned on John’s part, though. There is a MasterCard symbol on his Paypal card – it can be used just like any other credit or debit card. I just wish he didn’t insist on learning everything the hard way.

— 5 —

We have Fall Break coming up this weekend, which leads to all sorts of exciting possibilities. John’s band practice will end at six Thursday instead of nine, so we’re hoping to make it to a performance at the Youth Performing Arts School downtown to see John’s good friend from middle school perform. The kid has an amazing voice, so I have my fingers crossed all the lights will be green and we’ll get there on time!

— 6 —

My mom and I went to a baby shower last weekend for my step-brother and his wife, who are expecting a little girl in December. I had more fun shopping for that shower gift than I’ve had in forever. I went a little overboard and put little notes on each item in the tote bag I packed everything in explained why I had chosen that particular item, but the mom-to-be seemed to enjoy it. And there were babies at the shower. You can’t always count on that, so I’d tried not to get my hopes up, but I got to hold one adorable baby after another. The secret to getting a stranger to let you hold their baby it to wait until they’ve filled their plate, and then offer to hold the baby while they eat. I’ve never known a mama to turn that offer down 😉

— 7 —

Prayers, please, for my good friend Lisa. She’s in the hospital with pancreatitis, and she’s one of those people who is always helping everyone else, never expecting help from anyone else. She needs prayers to help with the pain, and for patience as well. She’s about as patient as I am.

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