1984 – A Good Year

Mama Kat’s Writer’s Workshop has a prompt this week about “what day in your life you would relive if you had to pick one”. I’d like to relive a whole year – my Senior year in high school. I just finished reading a book my friend Lisa lent me – “Just Listen” by Sarah Dessen. It’s a fascinating novel whose main characters are high school students. Yes, it’s a Young Adult novel, but it’s more well-written than 90% of the mainstream fiction I’ve read lately, so I’m learning to get past the labels. Anyway, the author manages to capture the intensity of emotions at that age as well as the total lack of perspective. Remember how the small issues seemed huge, and how time moved differently for a teenager than it did for an adult? It took me back to my own teenage years, which really were wonderful. The best, though, was my Senior year. I adored school, had fantastic teachers and made fabulous grades. I was involved in a whole slew of extracurricular activities with a wide variety of friends. I had a part-time job I enjoyed, a mom who trusted my judgement, a sweet boyfriend, and a car with a sunroof. Most importantly, I really liked myself. Oh, sure, I thought my size-three butt was too big and my A-cup boobs were too small, but what teenage girl is truly happy with her appearance? I wasn’t the cutest girl in school, or the smartest, or the most popular, but I was no slacker in any department. What it came down to was that I was CONFIDENT. I wasn’t afraid to try anything, go anywhere, talk to anyone about anything. My family had told me so often for so many years that I was smart, pretty, and a hard worker that I BELIEVED them. That was a magical year for me, and a year full of decisions that would shape the rest of my life. I’m so grateful for the gift of confidence in myself that my family gave me, and I hope I’ve given something similar to Aaron, who’s only got a couple of months left of his Senior year. Oh, and yes, I do have a “girl mullet” in my Senior picture, and sometimes I’d spike it up into a Pat Benetar ‘do – it WAS 1984.

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9 thoughts on “1984 – A Good Year”

  1. There were certainly alot of emotions during those teenage years, but they were very special times too. Great pic, you are so pretty…

  2. I graduated exactly 10 years later than you : ) What fun. I LOVE your hair. That is such great 1984 hair! I am glad you have wonderful memories of Senior year! That was such a fun time in our lives. Youth!

  3. i love the picture. junior high and high school were really tough years for me- ones that i was happy to have over.
    a gift of confidence is an amazing gift. i pray i'm helping my girls have it as they get older.

  4. I thought my size-three butt was too big and my A-cup boobs were too small…lol so many girls were jealous of you for sure!

  5. From one 84' grad to another,

    I believe that one's senior year in high school we are at that age when we are no longer treated as a child. This opens up the world to us and through the confidence that you mention truly made you into the person you are today. This is my first read of your writing, but it does show a lot of confidence and maturity.

    Thank you for sharing with us your wonderful year!

  6. Confidence is important and the fact that you had it was good. But that picture?! That is AWESOME! And, just to be nice, I'm not gonna tell anyone how many years after that I graduated:)!

  7. That book sounds good. I'll have to check it out. I had a girl mullet for awhile too (yours looks better than mine did) why crazy eighties hair, why?

  8. Love that picture! It brings back memories!!

    You sound like me and we both had great parents and now WE are great parents too!!

  9. Glad to read that you enjoyed your senior year; so many people seem to be traumatized by high school. I grew up in a small town, was involved in sports and various activities, and LOVED school.

    Aw, don't be dissing the mullet. It's such a versatile hairstyle . . . "all business in the front, and a party in the back."

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