St. Elijah ~ Patron Saint of Sleep

Yes, there is a Patron Saint of Sleep. Elijah (Feast Day July 20) was wandering in the desert, depressed and praying for death. He fell asleep, and an angel watched over him, waking him only to eat and drink and then letting him fall asleep again. He awoke with a renewed faith and energy to do God’s work (1 Kings 19).

In honor of St. Elijah, let’s all celebrate today by . . . taking a nap! I could use a little more faith and energy, how about you? Want to share a favorite Saint or Scripture? Head on over to The Kennedy Adventures every Sunday and join in.

Entrance to Chapel of St. Elijah in Portugal

(photo courtesy of Weird Portugal by Nuno Alves)
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5 thoughts on “St. Elijah ~ Patron Saint of Sleep”

  1. St. Elijah please help my son Daniel to sleep he is in a place I cannot rescue him from only the grace of God will bring my son back. Please intercede for my son.

  2. Any sleep deprived mother can appreciate this. I’m saying a prayer to St. Elijah today for my son Gabriel who is suffering from a very bad cold and I got him down for a nap. Here’s to his body recovering through sleep! Amen!

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