Ups and Downs – But Nothing I Can’t Handle!

— 1 —

Well, I had to cancel my Nerium party in Lexington last Sunday – no RSVPs 🙁 It may be for the best, though. Since Michael and I are sharing a car and even a one-hour drive in tough on my back I think expanding outside of Louisville isn’t a reasonable goal for us right now.

— 2 —

 We had some Jehovah’s Witnesses on the street the other day. I went into the living room to see why the dogs were barking like crazy and the couple had already moved on to my neighbor’s house – didn’t even knock on my door. Normally I’d be fine with that, but I’d promised myself that the next time someone was going door-to-door with anything I’d invite them in and tell them all about Nerium 😀 Surely there will be a tree-trimming service along soon – and those guys get some serious sun damage!

— 3 —

At nearly the last minute I discovered that a Nerium Market Party I’d been planning on going to was going to be done entirely in Spanish. Since I took Latin in high school I think the best I could have done was order a margarita at the bar – not the best use of my time.

— 4 —

Oh, speaking of Nerium (and obviously I can’t stop!) I got my first paycheck on Wednesday – OK, technically it was Michael’s paycheck, but I’m the one having fun with this business. He’s just doing the boring stuff. You know, the paperwork and so forth that . . . oh, yeah – that part that gets us paid. Oh, well, my time spent curled up in bed with my phone chatting on different social media channels is important, too, right? And someone has to go have a glass of wine at Wine and Wrinkles Parties and enjoy Market Party presentations from the comfort of a nice, high-backed booth!

— 5 —

I did manage to write a short story this week. It has nothing to do with anything else I’m writing, but that’s OK, too. I’m writing!!

— 6 —

On the downside I talked with Allsup, the company handling my SSI disability claim. I started the whole process in the spring of 2011, had a hearing in July of 2013, was notified I’d been denied in September 2013, appealed in October 2013, and here we are, almost a year later, and my appeal hasn’t even been assigned to a judge yet! I was told not to expect results for another 13 months. That will be 4 1/2 years on my first disability attempt. With letters from a half-dozen specialists saying I cannot work, MRIs and Functional Capacity Exams to back it up. Anyway, I’m seeing a lawyer Friday about my disability insurance company’s behavior, which a whole other stinky ball of wax. Honestly, I just try not to think about it, because there is truly nothing I can do.

— 7 —

Let’s end on a positive note, though. I’m writing this Thursday afternoon, and looking forward to a Nerium Market Party (in English this time) tonight. I need to be surrounded by positive, optimistic people for a little while. These Nerium gatherings are better than therapy (and much cheaper)!

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