23 Years Ago Today . . .

Yes, Michael and I have been married 23 years today. I look at the pictures and immediately smell gardenias. I’ll always be grateful to the florist who suggested them, because that scent takes me right back to my wedding day. It was August in Kentucky and why I thought long sleeves were appropriate is a mystery- please forgive me, girls! The little country church wasn’t air-conditioned and the reception was outdoors on my grandparents’ farm, but somehow I don’t remember being hot. Maybe it was an unseasonable cool summer like this one, or maybe I just had too many other things to think about to notice the heat. I wish I had spent more of the day relaxing and enjoying spending time with my family and friends that day rather than fretting about the details. Thanks, Mokey, for putting up with me bossing you around for the past 23 years. It’s been wonderful, and we’ve got lots more good times yet to come!
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3 thoughts on “23 Years Ago Today . . .”

  1. There are 4 happiest days of my life. August 2, 1986, October 17, 1991, November 12, 1998 and a date in June 1983 I can't remember but I took you to TGI Fridays in Lexington for lunch. I knocked on the front door of the house on Russell Cave Rd. First sign of a city boy as I recall. When I brought you home you let me give you a kiss at that same front door and you and I have quite a family since that smooch!

    I am blessed to know you let alone that we have beeen married 23 years. When I was made aware you were going to come to Darrell's party I decided to go and took my chance to talk to you when you left and followed you to your car. As a Store Manager I should have never been there but as a man head over heels in love I could have been nowhere else! I had to know you. I had never felt that way before but love is what it is! Love, to me is you! Love is the boys, love is us and love is good!

    ILY, me

  2. see …. I stopped by to tell you how proud I am of you all …. and LOOK at that awesome post by Michael!

    Congratulations, and I love you all!

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