Family Trees and Trees Felled for Paperwork


— 1 —

Last weekend Michael and I filled out literally pounds of paperwork. When you get past pages into pounds it’s ugly. And when I tried to copy them (never work that hard on anything without making yourself a copy) our printer wanted to pull the pages together two at a time, so I ended up sitting on the floor trying to sort originals and copies and make sure we had everything. By the time I was done I couldn’t even get up by myself. But that batch of stuff is done and today I will open the packet of back-to-school paperwork. It looks quite manageable by comparison.

— 2 —

┬áMy insurance company sent me a letter with approval of my bariatric surgery, and a date. But they didn’t send one to my surgeon. So my surgery is about a week later than I’ve planned, but still soon. I’m so excited!! I feel like I’m embarking on an adventure, the first positive experience I’ve had health-wise in a very long time.

— 3 —

We’re two weeks into band camp. I say “we” not because Michael or I are there all day with the band, but because just dealing with carpool, lunches, hydration, sunscreen, blisters, and the short temper and mood swings of an exhausted teen are taking their toll on all of us.

— 4 —

My two-week free trial is over, thank God. That is one addictive site. But I found out some fascinating information, tracing my mom’s family back through Captain Antheunis Hood, who fought in the American Revolution, to Johannes and Katrina Hood, who sailed to the U.S. from Denmark in about 1660.

— 5 —

One thing I did find very odd was how people stayed in the same place for generations. On my mom’s side it was a small town in Georgia. My dad’s family stayed in a small town in Kentucky – quite near to where he lives now. Suddenly I feel like the family adventurer for moving eighty miles west when I graduated from college!

— 6 —

I’m on a 1500 calorie diet to shrink my liver before surgery, and the timing couldn’t be better. I’m filling up on fresh veggies. This time of year I think I could live on nothing but homegrown tomatoes and cucumbers quite happily. And watermelon – yum!

— 7 —

Speaking of watermelon, I think I’m going to need an infuser bottle postop. I hate the taste of plain water, and the flavored water I drink right now is carbonated, which is a big no-no. Anyone have a favorite infuser to recommend or other tips to naturally make water more palatable? I’m not fond of the no-calorie powders, so I’d like to do fresh as much as possible. Perhaps I should freeze some melon in ice-cube trays for a winter treat!

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