2015 in the Rear-view Mirror


— 1 —

I can’t believe I’m writing this as 2015 ends. It’s been an educational year, and I feel I’ve grown a lot as a person. I’ve always been so concrete and goal-oriented that change (unless I initiated it) was negative. Now I embrace change, because I’ve finally realized that the whole “if you don’t change you stagnate” idea is true! There are a lot of things I’ll do differently in 2016. Some will be my idea and some won’t, but I have a feeling that most of the changes will be good. This from a life-long realist (my husband says pessimist)!

— 2 —

We’re ending this year with one of three cars running, which is an improvement over the zero of three we had a few days ago, when my husband broke down a hundred miles from home. We’re blessed with some wonderful friends and family, though. His brother, Patrick, went and brought him home, and his friend John fixed the brakes on Sarah, our minivan, so Michael could go to work. Our youngest son, John, spent a very long day riding with his dad at work today (he’s a courier), and the stranded car still wouldn’t start. But my step-dad, Greg, offered to drive from eighty miles further away than us and help load up the car and bring it home tomorrow!

— 3 —

Another wonderful blessing I’m currently enjoying is a clean house! My dad and step-mom gave us a house cleaning for Christmas, and it was wonderful! I have to admit, the first woman they sent didn’t do a very good job, but I emailed the company with pictures of the issues I had and they were quick to apologize and send someone else over to clean what had been missed. If you need a thorough housecleaning (or want to give a wonderful gift) call MaidPro. If you’re in the Louisville area ask for Alisa – she knows what questions to ask to give you the results you’re looking for! Now it’s so much easier for me to keep everything tidy. I still can’t clean, but if I keep things tidy then perhaps the guys will be able to clean more easily!

— 4 —

My randomly chosen Saint for 2016 is St. Ivo of Kermartin, patron saint of lawyers and the poor. Here’s hoping that means I will be blessed with a quick approval of my current application for SSI disability. I haven’t been able to work since 2011, so the paperwork stack is nearly as tall as I am (seriously), and one would think that three doctors of different specialties agreeing that I have a “failed spine” and that my disease has no further treatment options and will continue to deteriorate would lead a judge to believe that since I can’t work now I won’t be able to work next week, or next month, or next year. But we’ll see.

— 5 —

2016 is the year John graduates high school. My baby. I was a total basket case when Aaron, my eldest, graduated and went off to college two hours away. John hasn’t even visited colleges yet, but it’s time for us to start making lists. He’s planning on a Computer Science major with a minor in Japanese, and possibly being part of a non-competitive marching band. And in-state is essential financially. Suggestions for Kentucky schools are welcome! Heck, even out-of-state schools – who knows what sort of financial aid we can get at this point? Probably lots.

— 6 —

My Netflix binge-watching lately? Charmed. Yeah. The older and less clever version of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. But it’s good for distracting me when I have to lie down because the pain is bad. The plots are as simplistic as a board book, so it works for me. The really interesting part was when Norman Reedus (Darryl on The Walking Dead) showed up around Season five as someone’s boyfriend (can’t remember whose). Such a cutie-pie!

— 7 —

Speaking of Norman Reedus, drop by for my New Years Resolutions post. One is inspired by him!

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