Babies and Parties and an Upcoming Trip!


— 1 —

We had such a wonderful week with Aaron, Catherine, and Emma! She’s almost three months old now, so we got plenty of coos and smiles as well as plenty of snuggle-time. She’s trying really hard to turn over, but can’t get her head to follow the rest of her busy body! She showed a very clear preference for John, as did our eldest niece’s one-year-old, Layla. He’s just a baby magnet!

— 2 —

Since he and Emma bonded so immediately Aaron and Catherine gave him a spectacular graduation present: a trip to Austin for a week! He’ll be there over the Fourth of July holiday, which will give him a bit more “brother time”, but I suspect he’s going to spend so much time holding, wearing, or entertaining Emma that Catherine will have to tug her away when it’s time to nurse!

— 3

We had a big party while they were in town to celebrate John’s graduation and Emma’s first visit to Kentucky. It ended (as all large Ballard gatherings do) with a cut-throat card game. My back pain sent me home much earlier, but Michael and John didn’t leave until midnight 🙂

— 4 —

We’re still finishing up each recording our own special books to send to Emma, but here’s the first one I tried, before she was even born. (We have a pop filter on the vocal mike now)

— 5 —

My latest addiction? The fidget spinner. I have a tremor that can get really bad some days – it has made my handwriting awful. But playing with one of these (which you can pick up just about anywhere) while I’m reading or watching TV has actually helped my tremor – go figure!

— 6 —

After binge-watching Orange is the New Black I just wanted to shut my brain down, curl up in bed, and watch something else. I didn’t even feel like picking up a book, which is odd for me. So I gave another Netflix creation a try. It’s called Night Shift. Sort of a cross between Grey’s Anatomy and McGuyver, but without as many obvious errors as most medical shows. Worth a watch.

— 7 —

Michael went with John for his college orientation, and it’s starting to get really exciting. Of course John doesn’t get the dorm concept, even after staying overnight. All he’s planning on taking are his electronics and a few changes of underwear. Which is pretty much how he’s planning to pack for Austin, too. Anyone traveled with an Amazon Alexa before? I can’t imagine it would be any different than carrying on a laptop, tablet, or Kindle, but I don’t want him stressed out before he even gets through security.

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