Mutant Ninja Squirrel Suicide

I’m linking up today to  Mama Kat’s Writers’ Workshop using the prompt “post a picture that represents how you see yourself”.

No, I’m just kidding!  Things have been really wild at work recently, but it’s not “mutant ninja squirrel drowning itself in the toilet” bad.  I was just looking for an excuse to post this picture of what my friend, Mitzi, found one morning this week.  EEK!  Evidently this can happen when a small animal (like a mutant ninja squirrel) comes down the toilet vent on your ROOF.  Well, let me be the first to admit I had no idea I HAD a toilet vent on my roof, let alone that animals could crawl down it and into my toilet.  When I showed the picture to my husband he informed me that it is not uncommon for pet snakes (and other reptiles) to be . . . um . . . released into the sewer system, and then make their way back up into someone’s toilet.  Let me just tell you, I am NEVER going to the bathroom in the dark again.

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38 thoughts on “Mutant Ninja Squirrel Suicide”

  1. That would scar me. Not scare me, SCAR me. For. Life. Althought I do hate those little squirrel punks that are always digging up my plants and leaving their messes on my porch.

  2. OMG!!!! That is one of my biggest fears, that something will bite my butt while I am on the toilet. My husband always laughs at me about it. I am so showing him this picture. That’s just horrible. I guess I’ll have to learn how to squat… Or… hmm… do you think someone has invented a grate or something that would only let things go one way? I would definitely buy that!!!

  3. Ha, ha, ha. I knew about the snake but not about the mutant ninja squirrel. Poor thing. We would have birds fly down our chimney and into our fireplace. I made hubby cap it off. It must be possible for toilet vents, too.

    Happy Belated SITS day.


  4. What tha??!! I have never heard of that! I did find a headless bird in my sunroom a few weeks ago but I think that was courtesy of one of my wiener dogs! :0

  5. Ewww…reminds me of the summer of suicidal squirrels. We had at least 6 of them die in our pool. My dad hid it from my mom so she wouldn’t freak out 🙂

    Visiting from Mama Kat’s

    1. Oh, my gosh – that’s so weird! I thought I had suicidal mice in my house one Fall when I found three in my dog’s water bowl in the course of a couple of weeks. Then I saw the dog catch one and drop it into the bowl – she’s an odd dog. But word must have gotten around in the mouse community because I haven’t seen a mouse in the house in a couple of years 🙂

  6. Yuck! I don’t think I would want to enter my bathroom ever again if I found that in my commode. What a photo opp though…LOL.

    Michelle ~ fellow writers workshopper 😉

  7. OMG… if that’s what you really felt like (and trust me, some days I really do feel that way!) I would be sending a party to search for you!! Yikes!

    And ew. I am not thinking about that picture anymore.

  8. I think if that squirrel had been a ninja, he would have found his way out of the toilet.
    But this reminds me of a fun fact. (all squeamish toilet people, leave the room now) The most common place on the body to recieve a black widow spider bite is…. (drumroll please) on the back of a man’s scrotum. Because apparently, black widows love to spin their webs across toilet seats.
    I always turn on the light to go to the bathroom now.

    1. Yeah, it’s gonna be a while before I forget to check the toilet before I sit down, that’s for sure! Today’s tribe topic is blog carnivals, so I suggested that all the Snow Leopards check out Feel Good Friday – you do such a great job hosting that!

  9. LOL Great pic. Reminds me of the time we had a rat in the toilet. He got out of the toilet and out the door, though, before we could do it harm.

  10. Well Angie, you did a great job with my DEAD mutant Ninja squirrel. And yes, now I always look before I sit to be sure some creature is not in my toilet. I had to take the picture because I was sure no one would believe me unless I had proof. It did seriously freak me out and even talking about it gives me the heebejeebees!! Of all the things that could be in my toilet, this was the WORST!! Thanks to Dr. Nguyen for telling me about the vent or I would never have figured out how he got there!

  11. Ok, if I saw a dead squirrel in my toilet, I would probably scream so loud the people two states over would hear me. I remember when I was a kid, I was always afraid of a snake coming up and biting me in the ass. I guess it’s totally possible. Yuck!

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