7 Quick Distracting Takes

— 1 —

This is John’s last day of school and I should be wrapping Christmas presents – that’s what I do the last day of school before Christmas. But things have been kind of crazy lately, and just when I think “normal” is coming up something crazy comes around the corner. It’s kinda like living on the Tardis.

— 2 —

Today is Day Five of Isagenix for Michael and me. I’ll go into more detail as we get closer to the one-month mark, but we’re trying a combination of detoxing, cellular-strengthening, anti-aging compounds suggested by my chiropractor. I’m not noticing a big difference yet, which is actually a good thing because he warned that we might feel pretty crappy the first few days of detox.

— 3 —

We hosted a surprise eightieth birthday party for my father-in-law last weekend and it went beautifully, except that my dogs, whom I’d locked in the back bedroom, barked the entire time. They think anyone who comes over is coming to see them, so they were quite annoyed when they didn’t get to visit.

— 4 —

I also went to my writing group’s annual Christmas party earlier in the day Saturday, and it was wonderful. I can’t begin to convey how lucky I feel to have these people in my life. We played a game of “dirty Santa” and this is what I brought home. It’s the first thing I see when I step out of the shower in the morning.


— 5 —

This was finals week for John, and he also had to play with the pep band for a basketball game one night. Call me crazy, but I don’t think high school athletes, let alone college-level, should be playing in or attending games during finals week. That was five hours that could have been better utilized studying and going to bed early. Yes, I am the only person in the state of Kentucky who values academics over basketball.

— 6 —

Aaron and Catherine spent several days this week in Austin, where they will probably be moving after graduation. The pictures they sent were wonderful, and he sounded so excited when we talked about it yesterday. I can’t wait to see them and hear all the details.

— 7 —

At the worst possible time ever I’ve found a couple of new time-suckers on the computer. Check out Quora, a great place to soak up both useful information and useless but fascinating tidbits.  Then go to Akinator, think of the most obscure character (real or imaginary) you can come up with, and see how many questions it takes to correctly identify your character. Our family best so far was the character Katherine Hepburn played in The Philadelphia Story – over seventy-something questions and the closest they got was her character in Bringing Up Baby.

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