7 Super-Fast Takes


— 1 —

My first ever 7QT, in September 2011. It’s very funny, but kind of sad since I obviously hadn’t realized yet that my life had changed forever a few months before. I thought I was still healing, and would start feeling better any time.

— 2 —

 I love zombies eating fried chicken in KFC commercials, and the BK Whopper with the black bun for Halloween. Dark Humor makes me happy!

— 3 —

My iPhone can finally understand my accent. I was able to do a hands-free text conversation the other day while I was folding laundry. Yay, me!

— 4 —

I’m usually a witch for Halloween, ’cause I’ve got the uber-cool hate, but if I can find a tophat I may be Slash. Short, chubby Slash. I also wrote down “Nick” as an option, but now I have no idea what that means. Do your own notes ever not make sense to you?

— 5 —

Had a fabulous adventure with my SIL Marcia while she was in town from Dayton. I really don’t see much of my own city unless someone comes into town that doesn’t live here. Is that weird?

— 6 —

Best-ever cure for hiccups: one package LJS malt vinegar. Since I don’t eat fried stuff anymore I may have to sneak in and nab a half-dozen for emergencies. Other vinegars don’t work sometimes.

— 7 —

Also thanks to Marcia, Boss is now on Pepcid. He has a very sensitive tummy (always has) and at any change in the weather he stops eating. Since he wasn’t chewing his paws I didn’t consider environmental allergies with sinus drainage leading to an icky tummy. Now he’s eating fine 🙂

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4 thoughts on “7 Super-Fast Takes”

    1. Now that I think about it, that’s the only show I ever watch live, so those are the only commercials I ever see. I had noticed an odd trend towards commercials that the viewers would have NO IDEA what it was for until the very end, though. Not exactly memorable marketing!

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