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2.) A day in your life…recap.(inspired by Jennifer from Toddler Tirade)

3:15 am ~ Alarm goes off and I drag my butt through my morning “shower, eat toast, check email” routine. Consider fixing hair and putting on makeup, decide it’s too much effort.
4:00 am ~ Arrive at the hospital, make big pot of strong coffee even though I’m trying to cut back.

4:00 am – 11:30 am ~ Work, work, work like the Tasmanian Devil on meth. Don’t go to the bathroom, eat, drink, or speak in full sentences. Carry two pagers, each of while goes off about every 30 seconds. Carry cell phone which rings about every three minutes, with multiple text messages in between. Content of most calls and texts is, “Have you done blah blah yet?” to which I want to reply, “No, but if I could get off the phone for a few minutes maybe I could get to it!” Supervise stress tests on patients who are nowhere near as stressed as I am.

11:30 am ~ Short WTF break when one of the doctors I work with texts me that he has really bad gas. I feel compelled to share the contents of the text with everyone nearby, including the patient I’m doing a stress test on at the time.

11:32 am – 12:30 pm ~ More work, work, work (see above)

12:30 pm ~ 30 second conversation with my husband in parent shorthand to arrange trading off our ten-year-old, who went to work with him this morning. Only 30 seconds because during that time both pagers went off and there was a call from a doc waiting on my cell.

12:30 – 1:30 pm ~ More work, work, work, with emphasis on communicating to all doctors,”I’m leaving soon, so don’t page/call/text me, ’cause I won’t answer.”

1:40 pm ~ Come home to three dogs (two mine, one visting) who are all glad to see me, and one of whom (visiting dog) has gone poo-poo AND pee-pee on my bedroom floor. Thank God for hardwood floors!

2:00 pm ~ Ten year-old arrives home and takes advantage of Mom’s exhausted state to watch DVR’d episodes of Family Guy. It’s totally inappropriate for a ten-year-old, I know, but I’m just to freakin’ tired to fight this battle.

2:00 – 4:00 pm ~ Straighten house, put away laundry, run Dirt Dog, check email. Log onto Facebook (my Farmtown and Farmville crops need to be harvested!), check the blogs I follow, text my hairdresser that the whole family needs cuts B4 school starts. Sort mail, make sure we have supper for tonight ready to cook, supper for tomorrow thawing, and sack lunch for the band-camp teenager stocked. All this while chit-chatting with Dianna (http://kennedyswith2girls.blogspot.com/ ) on the phone. Can I multi-task or what?!

4:00 – 4:15 pm ~ Spend 15 minutes on the eliptical (only possible because I was watching a DVR’d episode of True Blood)

4:14 – 5:30 pm ~ Cook tonight’s supper (beef stroganoff and carrots) while prepping a roast and veggies to go in the crockpot tomorrow morning for supper tomorrow. Chat with ten-year-old about meaning of life, what fifth grade will be like, what parts of Family Guy he shouldn’t repeat at school. Have glass of wine.
5:30 pm ~ Suddenly remember two important things: 1) Tomorrow is wonderful step-father’s birthday and I forgot. I always make handmade cards for all birthdays, Mother’s Days, and Father’s Days with pictures of the kids, so can’t just buy a card at the Kroger down the street. 2) Was so busy at work today had to bring lots of paperwork home, must all be done before I go to work tomorrow at 4am. It’s about two hours worth . . .sigh.

5:30 – 7:30 pm ~ Husband arrives home. Eat supper and do paperwork while reminding husband and children to “sign the card!”. Thankfully, I had a couple of birthday cards I’d pre-made at a scrapbooking session long ago (back when I had free time). Have another glass of wine.

7:30 – 8:30 pm ~ Read in bed, snuggle with dogs, let ten-year-old tell me an off-the-cuff bedtime story (which he calls a dream-speech . . .cute, huh?)

8:30 pm ~ Seventeen-year-old gets home from 8-8 band camp sunburned and exhausted, so I get a quick hug and a review of today’s sack lunch (falafel and gazpacho). Then I toss and turn on my new, nifty orthopedic pillow with my pain-relief patch on my back, trying to get to sleep fast so I can get 6 hours of sleep before we start this over again.
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  1. Stopping in for Mama Kat's – I am tired for you! No more pitty parties for myself waking up at 5 am… thanks, I needed to quit that.

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