A Few Etiquette Reminders, Resolution Progress, and Missing My Career


— 1 —

This year I received the first Christmas card I can ever say was in poor taste. How could any holiday greeting be in poor taste, you ask. I didn’t think it was possible, either. It’s a card someone makes the effort to send to people, and it’s celebratory. Bonus points for people who make cards by hand, write notes in their cards, choose cards with lovely pictures or moving messages, and include pictures of children and fur-babies. I don’t care if you’re Pastafarian and send me a card with a flying spaghetti monster on it, I’ll be excited to get it and will display it proudly! But cards that include a message meant only to publicly and hurtfully exclude the woman who gave birth two and raised two of the people in the picture? Tacky. Unnecessarily cruel. If you are so tasteless as to create a card like this, please don’t send me one.

— 2 —

Now let’s move on to funeral etiquette. I attended a lovely funeral Mass earlier this week. It was for a man in his nineties with no living relatives and the church was half-full. That’s how wonderful a man he was. He touched many lives, and was the perfect example of impeccable taste, compassion, and optimism. But the funeral procession had me cursing like a sailor, and I wasn’t even driving! There was a hearse, the cars had flags and had their hazard lights on, and people still cut in and out of the procession and refused to yield to allow the procession to turn into the cemetery. It was appalling. It made me miss living out in the country, where traffic pulls off the road to let a funeral procession pass, and men often get out of their trucks and hold their hats in their hands. For a stranger. Even if they are running late. These asshats couldn’t even be bothered to get off their cell phones.

— 3 —

Ranting over! I watched Nurse Jackie on Netflix over the last couple of weeks. I’d sworn never to watch it since I was a devoted reader of the blog the writers stole most of their storylines from, but I caved. And since there’s someone with RN, BSN after her name listed as associate producer in the early seasons it looks like they settled out of court and she got a wad of money for her excellent writing. I still miss her blog, though. The real stuff (the stolen stuff) is great – dark humor at its best! But of course they had to shoot themselves in the foot and write about a nurse taking an hour-long lunch and going out to a sit-down restaurant. Nope. You put crackers in your pocket and eat them on the go. And a nurse carries on an affair with a pharmacist at the hospital. Nurses rarely have time to pee during their shift – there is never time for sex. Just sayin’.

— 4 —

I’m doing fairly well on my resolutions so far, especially the one about being positive rather than negative. Yeah, I know, my first two quick takes were negative rants, but they were kind of Public Service Announcement rants. I’ve had plenty of other opportunities to be negative, to hide resentment until it made me ill, but I haven’t. I’ve been authentic in all my conversations, never saying, “That’s OK” when it isn’t, and I even have a bunch of positive people invited over tonight! It’s gonna be great!

— 5 —

My friend has a brand-new grandson, and I’m leaning on her pretty heavily to let me come help babysit for Mommy and Daddy’s weekly date night since this is their second little one. I love me some baby time!! And another friend will be bringing home a little girl next month, so I’m looking forward to lots of snuggle time!

— 6 —

Half the county kept their kids home from school today. There was a vague threat transmitted to the county police regarding an event happening today at a county school. John and I reviewed shooter awareness in schools, and I left the final decision up to him, but let him know that in my mind the logical choice after considering the risk:benefit ratio was staying home. He agreed. Nothing happened, but I’m still glad he was home.

— 7 —

I really don’t want to take my Christmas decorations down this Sunday. I know they are supposed to come down on the Feast of the Epiphany, but I may hang onto them another week or so. They make me happy.

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      1. I have actually put Christmas cards from former parishioners through the paper shredder and then into the litter box before because I don’t exactly know WHY they sent me a Christmas letter in which they talk about leaving the church because of the damage caused to it by us and by their ousting of us. (I am seriously not making this up!)

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