A Few of My Favorite Things


— 1 —

pixie ladder
Here’s my very first pixie creation! It’s a twig-and-twine ladder leading down to a storm drain with a few magical pebbles and a seashell. It’s supposed to convince an 18-month-old pixies followed him home from the beach, but so far the dog is the only one convinced something’s amiss. (tip: Soak your twigs in water first, or the dremel tool will set off the fire alarm. For little sticks these put out an awful lot of heat!) check out my Pinterest board for future plans!

— 2 —

There was a Hancock’s Fabric’s going out of business near me, so I went. I perused every single aisle. To be honest, I was looking for sari fabric. It calls to me. I’d love to use it for a gored skirt. Maybe purple (of course), maybe turquoise, or maybe goldenrod! Sadly, no sari, much fleece. But I did find my first-ever birdcage! Another woman (a girl, really – maybe 20) was there and had picked up the other one. She said we were “birdcage buddies”! She asked my opinion on a whale shelf (“Not unless you are moving to the beach”) and I asked her opinion on a frog in a yoga pose (“Peaceful, but won’t last outdoors”). I considered buying enough yarn to crochet everyone slippers for Christmas, but instead decided to buy the end of a roll of gorgeous upholstery fabric (originally fifty bucks a yard, got two yards for seven dollars!), which I’ll use to re-cover the throw pillows on my couch. I never could crochet properly, anyway!
upholstry fabric

— 3 —

I was binge-watching Orphan Black (completely awesome), and since I was in bed watching on my iPad trying to FF through commercials was more trouble than it was worth. So by the last episode I was convinced I needed a Subaru, and that I had failed not only as a human mom, but as a dog mom. Heck, I haven’t done anything on my own bucket list, let alone helped anyone else with theirs. Clearly a Subaru will make all this possible. I really should not be allowed to watch commercials.
dog bucket list

— 4 —

John’s Senior pictures are coming up. He has one quick session at the school (all guys wear tuxes, all girls wear drapes) for the yearbook, and then a quick mini-session in downtown LaGrange for me.  I’d struck out at my favorite Goodwill location (Brownsboro Rd), but then hit gold at by favorite for the guys (Taylorsville Rd). John has my coloring, and looks great in yellow. I don’t wear yellow because I think it makes me look jaundiced, but on the rare occasion I wear it near my face I always get compliments. Go figure. So I got him a yellow designer dress shirt, and then found another slim-fit shirt in his size in a color he’s never worn. He loves it. Michael’s going to take him to the photo shoot, because it’s on a Friday night and I need my baby snuggles. And with only 15-30 minutes of the photographer’s time I’d easily spend half of that yammering. Michael will shut up and let her work.

— 5 —

Pokemon GO. . . does anyone else think this is like a Stephen King novel? Just locally we’ve had several accidents per day at a particular intersection, teens and pre-teens hit by cars because they walked out into traffic while following a Pokemon. My hubby is a courier, and he called me earlier this week quite stressed because he’d had to dodge a half-dozen individual kids just driving through downtown Middletown (a very small town). He said it was clear they were all playing the game because all they were focused on was their phone and their feet. And, of course, there has been crime.  Any lazy criminal can hang out at a Pokemon location and pick pockets, lift purses, even do a little carjacking with forced ATM withdrawals like my eldest experienced six years ago.

And the game has only been out a couple of weeks. Things are going to get worse before they get better.  I tried to get John to take my picture with a Pokemon for this post, but he (supposedly) lost the picture. This gives me a great excuse to stick to him like glue if he goes Pokemon-hunting! Unless he goes on foot, of course, since I can’t make it to the nearest Pokemon 🙁 Yeah, I’m getting a little obsessed by the whole phenomenon. I’m SOOO glad John isn’t really into it (it’s not a game for the impatient), but it’s something I want to know more about. Why are our tweens and teens so easily lured into something like this??

— 6 —

The recent violent acts and the racial tension I see on social media astounds me.  Our culture has come so far past this! Politicians and the media have created unrest that doesn’t exist. Yes, there are exceptions to every rule. I’m sure that there are racists in every profession, including police officers. But those are the exceptions, not the norm. I live in Louisville, Kentucky. Maybe we really do live up to the hype as one of the most tolerant cities, because here are the only two examples of racism I’ve experienced as an adult: The morning after 9/11, while everyone else was quietly gathered around the TV in the doctor’s lounge getting their morning dose of caffeine a Middle-Eastern cardiovascular surgeon I had known and respected for years burst through the door laughing. “I guess you Americans finally got what was coming to you!” I haven’t seen or heard from him since.  And a local African-American personal trainer who I’ve found to be brilliant and compassionate makes no bones about the fact that he will do business ONLY with black-owned businesses if possible. Since I had recently approached him about a business opportunity I messaged him privately to ask if his response would have been different if my skin were darker in my profile picture. In a more verbose way he said that yes, it would. I love that I live where almost no one cares about my race, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion, or political affiliation. If you can’t say that, move to Louisville. There’s a house for sale just down the street!

— 7 —

I get to “do” some shelves today! I’m so excited! You know the final part of Fixer-Upper, when the whole house has been demo’d and rebuilt, walls are painted, perennials planted, furniture arranged, and fixtures hung? When Joanna “fluffs” stuff and moves things around so it all balances? Yeah, I love that. I’ve got two huge bags of “pretty” books the guys are going to have to load into the car before I go over. I’ll take pictures!

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  1. My daughters love building fairy gardens and I found it was a great time killer on camp outs with scouts when I just needed ten minutes to REST. The ladder turned out great!

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