A Few Tweets and Some Snow Leopards

Welcome to The Jammie Girl!  I’d like the thank Kelley for inspiration for The Jammie Girl brand and blog, Sharon for doing the heavy lifting, and Dianna for talking me down out of my tree.

Today, as I prepared to switch over to the new blog, planned for my upcoming SITS Featured Blogger day, and dealt with my usual stressors of constant moderate to severe neck and back pain and HUGE changes (rumored) to be happening at work there was a little extra action around my house.  Here are my tweets from this afternoon, while I was at home with John, my eleven-year-old:

John is on the phone with a girl who just called to ask him to a school dance and there’s another girl at the front door asking for him.

The girl at the door (don’t know her name yet) has announced she is a vegetarian who nearly broke the world record for hulahooping.

Vegetarian hulahoop girl was here for an hour. After she left I asked John her name. He has no idea.

This is one one of my blogger/twitter bud’s response (and my reply):

RT @ItsAlwaysSome: @angieballard oh my you are in T-R-O-U-B-L-E <—Oh, honey, these next several years will be interesting. #gotwine?

And I’d like to introduce you to the other members of my tribe: the Snow Leopards.  We are Mom Bloggers of many types and we will be getting to know each other better over the next couple of weeks.  Please check out their blogs, follow their tweets,  and give them some comment love!

Tractor Mom     @ihtractormom
Erin     @erinsmiracles
Kristi Valentini    @
Jenny     @jenniferspeaks
Caitlin     @pacifierpocket
Heather Johnson     @penandpapergirl
Ann McMahon     @anndocmac
Sophie Blanc     @mylittlegumnut
Christa     @littlebgcg
Angelia Sims     @angeliasims
Mothers’ Hideaway    @mothershideaway
Erika     @thegirl_growsup
Lorie     @themomoblogger
Mandy Dawson     @
Melissa     @
Tough Cookie Mommy     @toughcookiemom
Angie Ballard     @angieballard

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7 thoughts on “A Few Tweets and Some Snow Leopards”

  1. Hey Angie, ahhh, thank you thank you for the list of all the members! Quel relief! I was busy scrolling down to look for all of those on the group page, trying to count how many we were… Still finding my way around SITS!

    Your son makes me laugh! I have 3 girls (all under 8) so presumably mine will be those vegetarian hulahoopers not giving their names out! Funny that at the end of an hour he still didn’t know what her name was!! Great to meet you! Am now following you on twitter!

  2. Hi, Angie. I am passing by from our Snow Leopard group and I wanted to tell you all the things that I already like about you. First, I love that you welcomed me to the group right away and made me feel at home. Second, I love that you made this list and made it easy for me to keep up with all of the group members. Lastly, I love that you are an avid reader like I am. I am definitely following and I would love to add you to my followers as well.


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