A Great Gift Idea ~ Feel Good Friday

This week I’m dogsitting for a friend. When she and her adorable daughter dropped Max off the other day she showered me with gifts, including this basket of flower pens her daughter made. Max is a joy to have around, such a big sweetie, but I certainly didn’t turn down the gifts! Why I am so wild about these pens? Think about it – I am the only female in my house. No one steals these pens like the other fifty pens I buy and bring home every week. I’ll buy pens one day and the next day I’ll need to write something down and there’s not a single pen to be found anywhere.

Yesterday my 18-year-old ordered a pizza, and when they came to the door he asked, “Mom, where’s a pen?” I handed him a purple flower pen and he stood there slack-jawed for a minute before he asked, “Do you have a different pen? One without a flower?” “Nope.” He hung his head and walked toward the door. Happily enough, the driver had a pen, so Aaron didn’t have to use mine. These pens are going to last me a LOOOONG time, and just looking at them sitting there on the computer desk makes me feel good!

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6 thoughts on “A Great Gift Idea ~ Feel Good Friday”

  1. What is it with disappearing pens? What a wonderful gift and the perfect solution to the problem. I don't think that would matter much to my family of girls…then again, you never know with teenagers!

    (visting from Lady Bloggers)

  2. Ha ha! That's great! Those are pretty too. You need girly pens. I am glad they will last. Very nice gift they gave you. Happy Feel Good Friday!

  3. I love the pens, too, and think it's very smart (and pretty) self-defense.
    One year I gave everyone umbrellas for Christmas, including a Monet for me. No one has ever borrowed it and I always know where it is.

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