A Letter From Granny

I’m doing Mama Kat’s Writers’ Workshop today and the prompt I selected was “Write a letter to yourself from someone who has passed on.” Dear Angie,
I wish I could be there with you, but I have been watching over you since I passed, you know. The boys sure have grown a lot, that Aaron’s turned out to be a handsome young man. Why is his hair so long? If he had it cut short you could see his pretty eyes and his nice smile since the braces came off. And you should remind Jack to stand up straight and not slouch – it’s so important to have good posture and he should be proud to be the tallest in his class. By the way, why does he want everyone to call him John? What’s the matter with Jack? Jack’s a perfectly good name, I know a lot of Jacks and they are all good men . . . well, most of them. Michael looks so nice with all that gray in his hair, he’s lucky he looks good with gray hair. And I see he’s lost some weight recently – you’d better take better care of yourself or he’s going to start looking around! As a matter of fact, there are a few things I wanted to talk to you about. I love your highlights, you should really have done that a long time ago. It’s a waste, though, to have it all pulled back and stuck in a clip. Take the time to fix it nicely in the morning and if you spray it with enough hairspray it will stay in place all day (White Rain works well). I’ve arranged for a magazine to be delivered that will give you some ideas. While you’re at it, put on some makeup before you go out. There’s really no excuse for not putting on a little base, blush, lipstick, and mascara – it makes such a difference. And what are you wearing to work? Are those pajamas? They’re so loose and sloppy – at least iron them. And I hear the Adkins Diet works really well, you should try that. I really like your new kitchen, but I have to say I’m disappointed in your yard. This year you need to find a good nursery (not just the garden center at Home Depot) and get a couple of truckloads of pretty annuals, lots of color. And make sure you water them twice a day, give them a really good drink. I think some impatience, dusty miller, and geraniums would do wonders for the back yard. And those rosebushes you planted in the front yard are nice, but shouldn’t you be doing something to them? I love you honey, take care of the boys and remember about the lipstick.



P.S. The flowers on my casket were just perfect, and I thought that was a nice turnout for the funeral, didn’t you? I see you still have that pretty silk arrangement Bobby and Wanda sent in your dining room – you can spray that with White Rain too and it gets rid of the dust.
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7 thoughts on “A Letter From Granny”

  1. That is an awesome letter and she sounded like a funny funny lady…classic "i'm disapointed in your yard" something my mum would say!

  2. Sounds just like her. She was never one to mince words. Appearance was everything to her, house or personal. I really do miss her nagging. I can say that because she was my Mother.

    Great letter.

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