A Peek into the Future

Yesterday Aaron and I went to Morehead State University for the day. We met with an admissions officer, a financial aid counselor, and a professor in the school of music. We toured the entire campus and looked at dorm rooms. Believe it or not, this picture was taken about a 5-minute walk from the dorms and the school of music. Even with a horrific storm blowing in it was breathtaking. There are paths around the lake and some of the music students have been known to hike up into the mountains with their instruments to practice – how cool is that? The whole campus is beautiful and the people are friendly and laid-back. Average class size is 19, and there are usually 5,000 students on campus when classes are in session, which doubles the little town’s population. Aaron just loved it, and I know he’ll shine there. In fact, he said he didn’t even want to take the time to visit any other schools because Morehead is where he wants to be. Now if only I can hit the lottery to pay for it! Unfortunately, our trip home wasn’t as much fun as our time on campus. We drove straight through the line of storms that hit Louisville so hard it made the national news. The wind was blowing so hard I was afraid the car was going to be blown over and the rains were so heavy we had to stop in Lexington for an hour before I could see well enough to drive us the rest of the way home. And then late last night I discovered that the Italian restaurant in Morehead probably wasn’t the best choice for lunch. There’s nothing more miserable than lying on the bathroom floor suffering through a bad case of food poisoning. I won’t be going far from home today , but maybe I can use the time to start an online scholarship search!

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