A Plant-Oriented Week

— 1 —

I evidently did an acceptable job re-potting my orchid, because it’s blooming again!!


— 2 —

This encouraged me to buy a beautiful new pot for my Christmas Cactus. We’ll just have to wait until December to see how that worked out. And while I was scoping out the 50% off sale pots I also found the last of the clearance succulents. I actually have hen and chickens in the appropriate pot for the first time!

— 3 —

I was motivated by the basket of lantana my step-mom gave me. I’ve always loved my neighbor’s lantana, but never grown it myself. I think it likes me!


— 4 —

You’ll notice in the above picture that there’s a large limb beside our garage. Our ancient, hideous garage that really should fall down when a squirrel lands on it. A garage we’ve never used for a car, and that I’d dearly love to be rid of. The very nice garage three houses down was flattened by the same storm, leaving our street and the court next to us without power all day earlier this week. I don’t think a direct hit from an atomic bomb would take our garage out. It’s probably a great place to gather our group for the zombie apocalypse.

— 5 —

When I’m not re-planting I’m watching Lost. I almost stopped when the time changes were too quick to keep up with and there were too many characters for me to remember their names, but now that they’re slowing down the time travel and have killed a bunch of people off maybe I can muddle through until the end. Actually, I’m so beach-deprived that crashing on a deserted island still seems like a fine idea to me, even with sociopaths and smoke monsters.

— 6 —

John’s gearing up for band camp, which starts Monday. He hasn’t been able to run like he’d planned because of a bad ankle sprain, but at least he’s been acclimating himself to the heat. Yesterday he helped me and Catherine’s mom re-pack some of the stuff going to Austin soon. I know Aaron and Catherine will be glad to have their own “stuff”. I know they can’t wait to find places for all their cool wedding and shower gifts. OK, Catherine will be finding cool places for all their wedding and shower gifts. We could have just shipped the server and the raspberry pie (some computer thing, not a real pie) and he’d be perfectly content.

— 7 —

The novel I’m currently working on has a main character who drives a VW bug, and I keep envisioning a cover with a portion of the car on it. So when Michael and I were grocery shopping and I saw a nice, clean yellow bug parked in the shade with no one on either side I made Michael drive over and park near it so I could take some pictures. Of course, while I was lying in the mulch in the median, trying for an “artsy” angle a woman pulled into one of the spots next to the bug. She got out smiling, and asked, “Is that your car?” I smiled just as wide, said, “Nope” and then scurried over to my car. Poor woman – she’s probably still wondering what sort of psycho takes pictures of other people’s cars in the Kroger parking lot.

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3 thoughts on “A Plant-Oriented Week”

  1. What we writers won’t do for our work!!! Made me laugh out loud, Angie!

    PS. I want to read the rest of that story! It’s a good one. 🙂

    Oh – and your plants look awesome! Mine barely limp by in spite of me…

  2. Your flowers are beautiful! I have always wanted to attempt growing an orchid. Maybe I will give it a try one of these days. God bless!

    1. They are actually easy. I wish I lived in a climate where they grew outdoors, but that’s not going to happen in Kentucky! Thankfully, they thrive on benign neglect, making them the perfect houseplant for me 🙂

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