A Really Big Week!


— 1 —


My granddog has a Twitter account and you should all follow her. She’s @Tabbythedog. Actually, her Twitter account and the posts from her doggy daycare keep me more in touch with the dog than I am with my son and daughter-in-law. They’re both busy with jobs they love in a city that they love, and that’s great. But when there are tornados and flooding in your city and you’re a thousand miles away from your family call and tell them you’re OK. At the very least, answer their texts!

— 2 —

 I’m starting to use the library more and download free books on Kindle less. For several reasons. I do find new authors I like by downloading the first book in a series, but so many are starting to end there book with a hook, or cliffhanger. No. I want some sense of closure at the end of the book. Make me want to read your next book because you’ve developed your characters so well I want to know what might happen in their lives. Write so well I want to ready everything else you’ve written. A hook at the end of the first book in a series is a cheap trick – don’t do it. And I’m a few books behind on some of my favorite authors, so I need to catch up.

— 3 —

Now that we are no longer a one-car family I think it’s time for me and Michael to really bump up our Nerium efforts. We have spectacular products to offer, a great limited-time offer going on right now (free $20 hand cream to ALL new customers!) and I’m very excited about it. I’m visualizing myself as the Nerium Honey Badger, letting the ‘no’s roll off my back and focusing on my goal. I’m going to drag my team along to success with me, because I can’t get there alone. Want to join my team as a customer or Brand Partner, or just want to know what a Nerium Honey Badger is? Contact me!

EHT cartoon

— 4 —

I want to congratulate my niece, Lauren, on being a total Honey Badger Matron-of-Honor this past weekend. Her sister’s ceremony and reception was on an Air Force Base, and you truly would not believe all she had to go through to get all the wedding guests through the gates with the current elevated threat alert. Girlfriend had the guys in camo at the gates with M-16s trembling in fear. And she did it all in a lovely long champagne dress, 5-inch heels, a classic chignon, and a smile. I’m thinking Lauren for president as soon as she turns thirty-five.

— 5 —

The wedding, by the way, was straight out of a storybook. I didn’t take a single picture, because I didn’t want to miss a second of the experience. It was everything a wedding should be: two families celebrating being joined by marriage, two young people very much in love starting their life together with a solemn ceremony and a kick-ass party 🙂

— 6 —

I came home with a car, by the way. After two years of being trapped in the house while Michael worked six or seven days a week I can actually get out and about. I can take myself to my own doctor’s appointments, I can go to Goodwill whenever I want, I can go to the grocery if we’re out of bottled flavored water. Huge thanks to Michael’s brother Chris and his wife, Marcia for making this possible. And John gets to learn to drive, too, which is pretty awesome!

— 7 —

After years (literally) of research, quizzing everyone I knew who’d had a bariatric procedure, and scheduling, cancelling, and re-scheduling appointments so many times I’ve lost count I’m doing it. Gastric sleeve as soon as I’m cleared from my EGD in about ten days! Say a little prayer for me if you don’t mind. I’d really love to lose some weight, gain some mobility, decrease my back pain and high blood pressure, and see something besides inevitable progression of my spinal disease and increase in my pain in my future.

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