A Really Fast 7 Quick Takes


— 1 —

It’s late Thursday night and I’ve already taken my bedtime muscle relaxer, so this will have to be really fast. I binge-watched Atelier on Netflix this week, which tells you two things. My life is quite boring, and Netflix has dropped all the good stuff. I’ll be cancelling soon.

— 2 —

I thought a hospital bed was the most uncomfortable place to spend a night until I spent a night in a recliner next to a hospital bed. It was like the Inquisition. It’s no wonder family members are so quick to bite off doctors’ heads on morning rounds.

— 3 —

I’m constantly getting emails that promise five hours of constant sex or tell me I’m a whale in the subject line. Isn’t this what spam filters are for?

— 4 —

I finally upgraded my phone and tablet today to whatever system Microsoft wanted to install, but I was offended by their overly pushy approach. When I clicked “install later” it asked “install tonight?” Seriously?! I’ll install when I’m damn good and ready, and not a moment sooner!

— 5 —

John’s a Junior in high school, so we’ve hit the point when decorating for Christmas has to be worked around academic stress. Everything is done except decorating the tree and putting the candles in the windows, and we’ll do that as the sun sets after his last day of school.

— 6 —

I’m reminded of the blessings of family and friends right now, as an elderly family friend is spending time in the hospital. He has no family left, so those of us who know and love him are making a special effort to make sure he’s well taken care of. There are huge cracks to slip through in our health care system.

— 7 —

I saw my bariatric surgeon, and she was thrilled with my progress! And it’s only going to get better! I had to make an emergency run to Goodwill today since even my smallest clothes are falling off me! It’s hard to remember to weigh, but the inches seem to be falling off even when the pounds don’t! I credit Nerium Firm, especially since I don’t have any loose skin. Fingers crossed for no backsliding at Christmas!

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