A Really Random 7QT


— 1 —

I’d like to tell you how productive the early part of this week was, but I can’t. I had good intentions of getting out of the house, getting some snuggles from the Kennedy Kaboodle, going to a Nerium event at an awesome mentor’s house, and then meeting a friend for lunch the next day at another Nerium event. All that crashed and burned when I ate one forkful too much pork loin, and had to take phenergan. A dose I’d have though to small to give to a patient IV, let alone by mouth, knocks me out for a full twenty-four hours. I was bummed!

— 2 —

The weekend was fun, though! Since John has absolutely NO spare time I got to go with Mom and Greg to PBR (professional bull riders). I expected it to be stressful, but since we had spectacular seats the paramedics were actually just a few feet from me. If they didn’t look upset about someone being thrown from a bull and then trampled I assumed I shouldn’t worry about it, either. Here’s a video of my mom’s favorite rider, J.B. Mauney, in his first ride of the night.

— 3 —

News flash for any peri-menopausal women losing weight: Rapid weight loss triggers estrogen release. Therefore you can drop a couple of dress sizes, but get the hot flashes and acne back you thought were a thing of the past. Seriously. I can’t make up this crap.

— 4 —

I’m binge-watching Haven on Netflix and loving it! It’s based on something from Stephen King called The Colorado Kid, which I somehow missed, which is great because movies and TV shows always butcher Stephen King’s work. So I can only enjoy it because I haven’t read it yet! And the two male leads in it are super-hot. Of course that may just be the estrogen talking.

— 5 —

I already have my nails in Halloween mode. My first-ever gel manicure and pedicure at home, all with Jamberry stuff. Eerie Nights wraps (graveyard with spooky trees and moon!) with Blue Suede Shoes lacquer. That’s one coat, folks. That’s how nail polish should work! Host a party to get lots of free and half-price stuff, or if you’ve never tried it before email me and I’ll send you a sample!
eerie Nights

— 6 —

I got a denial from SSI Wednesday, which sent me into a tailspin since I knew for a fact they hadn’t had time to get the information from my latest phone interview or my husband’s hand-written form yet. Thankfully, Allsup, the company who handles all things relating to disability for me, assured me this was to be expected, since the first determination is from medical records alone. So evidently pain severe and constant enough for me to attempt suicide just isn’t enough to be disabling.

— 7 —

Oddly, I’ve been more frustrated by my son’s marching band experience this year than even the disability situation that could leave us homeless. Go figure. But he’s exhausted. He’s rehearsed so many hours, and traveled long hours to and from so many competitions this year; only to have the show changed so many times he’s lost count and to have parents chaperoning the bus trips home call the kids losers for taking second place. His grades are in the gutter, he missed an entire section on his PSAT, and I’ve kept him home from school yesterday and today because of a low-grade fever and generalized malaise that I truly believe is due to overwork. Fast-food restaurants who hire 16yo’s can’t work them this hard. Saturday he will get to school early to practice for four hours before riding a bus for several hours to perform twice and then ride several hours home, to arrive in the wee hours of Sunday morning. Anyone else see a problem with this, especially the part where most of these kids are not enjoying it anymore?

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  1. Dealing with the SSA is frequently an occasion of sin for me. I’ve almost been thrown out of the office for yelling at my worker a few times.

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