A Roller-Coaster Week

— 1 —

It’s been a long week and an emotional roller-coaster ride. I can’t seem to get the day of the week right, which is why I’m typing this Friday morning rather than Thursday evening.

— 2 —

The loss of my aunt Beverly hit me hard, and I can’t count the number of times I’ve started emails to her before remembering she can’t get them anymore.  It helped enormously when my high school best friend, Wendy, helped find the perfect home for Beverly’s two Yorkies, Annie and Mazzy.

— 3 —

The small community where Beverly lived was touched by death again last night, when another long-time friend, neighbor, and church-goer passed away.   I lived next door to Freddie growing up, and he taught me to swim and let us use his backyard and pool for our cookout / rehearsal dinner when Michael and I got married.  He’d been very ill for some time, so his passing was in some ways a blessing, but he will be missed all the same.

— 4 —

John had a Christmas chorus concert this week, and thankfully Michael taped it, because John had a short solo, and he was wonderful – I’m so proud!  I’d planned to go, but after a disappointing pain management appointment earlier in the day my blood pressure was a none-too-nifty 160/100 and I was having visual disturbances, so I stayed home in bed.

— 5 —

We finally put our tree up, and it’s lovely.  I’d like to get a picture of both dogs in front of the tree, wrapped in lights, but I don’t think that will happen without the aid of tranquilizer darts.

— 6 —

All presents are wrapped, and when Aaron and Catherine brought theirs over I had to sign this contract:


Yeah, she knows me too well now.  I have no patience, and have been known to peek at presents.

— 7 —

Mom and Greg and Winnie will be coming in for Christmas Eve, and I haven’t even decided on the menu yet.  I guess I need to look through my recipe binder and my Pinterest board for suggestions.  Even better, maybe I’ll search Beverly’s blog.  All those recipes are sure-fire winners 🙂

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One thought on “A Roller-Coaster Week”

  1. I know this will be a hard Christmas without Beverly. But take comfort in her recipes – her legacy. I wish I had known her other than on her blog. Merry Christmas

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