A Week of Celebration

— 1 —

My mom has now been cancer-free for five years!  It’s the magic number, and somehow I’d miscounted and didn’t think this would happen until next year.  I can’t even express how thrilled I am, especially since her breast cancer was spindle cell, a cancer with a very high recurrence rate.  She saw her doctor this morning and she has been released and will follow up with only regular mammograms – YAY!!

— 2 —

In equally spectacular news, I was blessed to be present for the birth of my friend Dianna‘s new daughter, the beautiful Catherine Maeve.  Is was about two hours from the time she reached the hospital until the baby was born – her doctor didn’t make it in time.  I tried to take pictures (tasteful ones only, of course), and post to Twitter and Facebook to keep everyone updated.  My dad, who has all my tweets sent to him as text messages, was setting tobacco, and got so involved in following along that he says he has four rows of tobacco that look awful (he was driving the tractor) 🙂

— 3 —

My husband and I picked strawberries to make strawberry jam over the weekend, and let’s just say that the combination of a long drive and berry picking necessitated me going over my recommended dosage of pain pills and muscle relaxers that day.  And then the next morning it was obvious the jam needed to be made immediately, so I canned sixteen pints of jam.  Five of them had the wrong amount of pectin in them, and the whole last batch I just had to sit and call directions to my husband.  The rest of that day was spent alternating the heating pad and ice packs, but the jam is scrumptious!

— 4 —

I am super-excited that I won third place in Mysti Parker‘s May Flash Fiction contest, and to top it off she’s having a book signing tonight for her new release, Serenya’s Song, at Karen’s Book Barn in La Grange, and rumor has it she will be there in costume.  I’m so there!

— 5 —

I got a wonderful review of my book, Tight Budget, Tiny Kitchen, and No Time: How to Eat Well in Your First Apartment, by Ellen Gable this week, which thrilled me to no end.  I love that she says she learned from my tips and tricks even though she’s been married thirty years – that made me feel great!

— 6 —

We went this morning for a dentist check-up for John, and he was able to convince Dr. Bob to let him have his braces off a month early!  So here’s a picture of the fabulous new smile:

john after braces

Unfortunately, there were a few cavities under the brackets, and we’ll be going back next week to get those fixed, but it’s another reason I’m glad the braces came off a month early.  I just wish my dental insurance was still in effect 🙁

— 7 —

The only dark spot on this fabulous week is the fact that I’m evidently beginning another exhausting round of “chase the paperwork” with CIGNA, my disability insurance provider.  Even though my Medical Leave of Absence has already been approved by one of their departments the department that approves my disability payments has evidently taken little or no action on my claim since I went to the doctor last month.  And every person I talk to has a different answer.  What a surprise.  I refuse to go through the ordeal I suffered at the end of 2011, when they didn’t pay me for three months and ruined my credit rating, so I will be devoting a portion of each day to making sure CIGNA does their job and pays me the benefits I have been paying premiums for.  But the rest of each day I intend to savor, because even though this pain has changed my life, I will not allow it to define my life.

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5 thoughts on “A Week of Celebration”

  1. These CINGA people are getting on my nerves. Badly. Let’s start a letter-writing, twitter, Facebook, e-mail campaign. I’m in for at least a couple dozen strongly worded letters. What do you think?

    1. They have responded pretty quickly every time I tweet about them, so I know they have someone monitoring Twitter. I fully intend to call them every single day and annoy the living hell out of them until I get paid.

  2. I wondered what happened to those tobacco rows. And people think it’s okay to twit, email, etc. while driving. He was only going 2 miles an hour. Thank goodness he wasn’t on the highway. John’s beautiful smile is even more beautiful. I’ll think of you when I’m blueberry picking next week.

  3. YAY for all those great pieces of news!!! Definitely praiseworthy. Boo for insurance crap. Don’t you hate having to pay into them for years, only to get screwed when you really need it? Hope this situation works out for you.

    On a good note, prepping an interview for you right now… 🙂

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