A Week of Drama

— 1 —

I’ve been a slacker blogger lately.  I wish I could say it was because I was away on a fabulous beach vacation with my family, but it wasn’t.  It’s because I’ve been completely overwhelmed – physically and emotionally.  But  hopefully that will be turning around very soon, since as you read this I am at a fancy hotel with a couple of dear friends having a little “girl time”.

— 2 —

Last Friday was John’s performance of Macbeth, and it was wonderful.  For the first time ever they didn’t hold the performance on the stage in Central Park, but with temperatures above 100 degrees I was more than willing to sacrifice the thrill of seeing my son perform at that beautiful historic location for the safety of not having him succumb to heat exhaustion.  John did a great job and was invited back as an extra for performances later this summer, but he hasn’t decided yet if he’s willing to brave the heat (it will be in August).

mourning lady macbeth
Mourning Lady Macbeth
fight with macduff
Fight with MacDuff

— 3 —

The performance was in the middle of the afternoon, which made it hard for many parents to attend (Michael certainly couldn’t make it) let alone other family members.  Dad, Edie, and Edie’s son Ryan were able to some, though, so John had his own cheering section 🙂  Between Dad, Edie, and Beverly I ended up with some spectacular beef and a huge variety of vegetables. Aaron has been eating a pasta and chicken salad filled with sautéed vegetables for lunch all week and I’ve fallen in love with ginger-sauced beets!

— 4 —

The red bowls full of water are still keeping the mutant ninja squirrels away from my tomatoes, and I’m getting pretty excited.  I may actually harvest a tomato or two this year!!

— 5 —

A side window in my car was shattered during an unfortunate weed-whacking incident last weekend, but has now been replaced.   Driving around with a huge window covered in duct tape was enough to make me leave the eyelashes off my car, and you know how much I love my eyelashes.

— 6 —

On Tuesday, a day I had been dreading for weeks because I had a four-hour functionality evaluation scheduled at a physical therapist’s office that morning, my husband woke me with the news that our AC was out.  Once again, my step-father Greg came to our rescue and by supper time we had a working air conditioner.  As busy as he is, and as many people rely on him for emergency situations that crop up throughout the region, he has never hesitated or even seemed frustrated when we call him for help.  He’s someone we are truly blessed to have in our family for many reasons, only one of which is his HVAC skills 😉

— 7 —

About that functionality evaluation Tuesday – it was horrific.  When they told me to expect it to last four hours I knew I was in trouble, because I can’t even sleep for four straight hours without drugging myself to the gills, and sometimes not even then.  Doing something physical for four hours?  No way.  The therapist was wonderful, very compassionate.  But his job was to push me to my limit and he did it.  I had to ask to stand and stretch several times when we were doing the interview and exercises that involved sitting, I had to take breaks several times to sit down when we were doing things that required standing, and twice I had to just go lie down for a while because the pain was so bad I couldn’t continue.  I stopped halfway through to take an extra pain pill, but the pain was still so bad I kept getting dizzy and nauseated, even on the treadmill, and I lost count of the times I said, “I have to stop now.  This hurts too much.  It’s not safe for me to keep going.”  I managed not to pass out or throw up (yay for me) but I did finally reach a point when I started crying and couldn’t stop.  The pain had brought me to tears a couple of times earlier in the evaluation, but this time it was just too much.  Why did I have to suffer through this?  Because my disability insurance provider, CIGNA, is now over six weeks late paying me (again) and insists they need this evaluation to decide if I qualify for continued benefits, even though my neurosurgeon has told them repeatedly I am limited to self-care activities only at this time.  I’m just glad it’s over and I pray that they will come to a decision in my favor soon and pay me the benefits I have paid premiums for.  Of course, I’m not leaving it to prayer alone.  I plan to annoy the crap out of them via phone, email, and Twitter constantly until I have a check in hand.

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5 thoughts on “A Week of Drama”

  1. I’m so sorry you had to go through that Angie. I know it is so not fair, and that no one should have to bear that cross. I pray for healing for you soon.

  2. OH, Angie!! Insurance companies SUCK. All of them. If it’s not one thing it’s another. I’d sue them for cruel and unusual punishment. Seriously!! “Let’s ask the woman in hideous pain to do things that will make her pain escalate.” Jackwagons. Hope you are doing better…

  3. with ssi and medicaid, i usually call the supervisor, the supervisor’s supervisor, that supervisor’s supervisor, and on up the list DAILY until i get results. i think i’m on the “for-the-love-of-God-stop-calling!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” list at ssu but i get results. 🙂

  4. We had to sue an insurance company to get the payments we were due for my husband. The attorney said their attitude is to see if they can get away with non-payment. I hope it doesn’t come to that for you, and I hope you won’t have to have another evaluation. The neurosurgeon’s notes should have been enough. If anyone reading this has to apply for Social Security Disability, hire an attorney who specializes in this before applying. My husband got his SSD without an attorney because his lung functioning was so bad it didn’t meet the government’s basic standards, but I hired an attorney to help me because my issues were all related but not clear cut. Even at that I was refused the first time, even though I couldn’t stand at the sink and chop veggies for five minutes to fix dinner, couldn’t sit for long, and walking more than a block or two all sent me to bed. I’ll be praying for you. Be persistent.

    1. Thanks so much for your prayers. I do actually have professionals helping me with the SSI end of my disability issues, but I hope it doesn’t come to that with the insurance company. I understand they get a lot of people trying to “beat the system”, but surely there is a better way than this to weed them out 🙁

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