A Week of Inspiration

— 1 —

Last weekend I went to my writers’ group meeting.  I hadn’t been in a while, mainly because my life had been in such turmoil that I was afraid that when it came time for me to “share my progress for the month” I’d just break down in tears.  But I’d gone to the Christmas party, which was wonderful, and was ready to get back on track with my writing.  Yes, I write.  I’m not published yet (other than a self-published cookbook that I’m rather proud of) but I write.  And thanks to Ru, one of our members, I identified how inefficiently I’d been using my time, and immediately remedied that situation.  I’ve been writing two hours every day ever since!

— 2 —

 Another inspiration for this week was a book I read, Awakening: The Genesis Saga by Ian Eviston.  I’ll write a full review once he’s got his cover art ready so you can all pin it on your “Books to Read” boards on Pinterest, but let me tell you right now: I could not put this book down.  My Kindle battery died and I made my husband plug the charger in on is side of the bed and sleep with the cord under his pillow so I could keep reading!

— 3 —

This will embarrass him if he ever reads it, but my eldest son, Aaron, was quite an inspiration this week. I don’t usually open his mail, but he received something from his college this week and I opened it, thinking it might be his W-2 and that we could start doing his taxes this weekend. It was a letter telling him he’d made the Dean’s List. I texted him to congratulate him, and he called me back because he thought it was a joke. Poor kid make such lousy grades throughout high school that he didn’t realize last semester’s all A’s and one B had earned him a place on the Dean’s List. Now he’s worried that I’ll expect those letters every semester (and I will!)


— 4 —

I realize this is strange, but I can’t get enough of the You Tube Honey Badger video (watch this one when the kids aren’t around).  When life seems overwhelming I just tell myself that I’m a honey badger, the the honey badger don’t give a *%^&!

 — 5 —

 I started an online writing class on Pacing taught by Mary Buckham, and I can already tell it’s going to be awesome.  It’s a month-long class, so that should keep the February doldrums at bay 🙂

— 6 —

We finally finished watching all four seasons of Mad Men on Netflix, so I can’t wait for the new season to start!  How is that inspirational?  Well, if you’ve seen the clothes on that show you’ll know they are a fabulous inspiration for exercise and diet – I SO want to wear all those outfits!

— 7 —

 I think this may be the most random post I’ve ever written, between grades, the honey badger, and writing.  Oh, well, welcome to my train of thought – it doesn’t stay on one track for long!

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