Aaron’s First Home Game at Morehead

These are tenors:
This is Aaron on tenors:
This Aaron on tenors playing with The World’s Most Dangerous Drumline at Morehead State University.
Yeah, the harness makes his uniform pooch out, but the drums weigh about a million pounds, so it’s worth it.
This is Beaker, the Morehead State University Eagles mascot:

There was a football game, and the football team played really well and won the game. I really appreciate the football team playing before and after the marching band performance I went to see, but if you want pictures of the game and the players you’ll need to visit one of the football players’ moms’ blogs. Below are three videos. Each is three minutes long and if you watch all three you will have seen the entire halftime show. Of course I don’t expect anyone to do this unless they are related to me. If you ARE related to me you should watch, because I’ll probably quiz you about it next time I see you. Just sayin’. If you are really into percussion just skip to the final video (“cadence”) to watch the drumline kick some ass. Oh, and Aaron is the tenor furthest to your left on the field.

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6 thoughts on “Aaron’s First Home Game at Morehead”

  1. Great pics – found you at a hop and now off to read your eye catching posts on the side there!
    (my kids were martians today – well one of them anyway!)

  2. I hope some of your relatives will go watch in person (if football tickets are easy to come by)! My nephew went to college 130 miles from here and I went to three of his marching band performances at football games during his all-too-quick undergrad career. Each game day was so much fun. The college time goes by faster than you think and those opportunities will not come again. Tyler couldn't be in the band his senior year for some reason so I was extra glad I'd gone earlier. Anyway, I know the pride you must have felt, and hope you will enjoy many more performances. Aaron looks so intense. Thank you for sharing.

  3. I admit it. I skipped straight to cadence. Hey, it's 2:35am. I've got to get to bed.

    They were fabulous. Your son, in particular, was skilled and looked so smart and well mannered. From one mother to another.

    My daughter is in her senior year of high school. She plays piccolo in the marching and pep bands. Oboe in concert band this year. And various percussive instruments in winter drumline. How I hope she chooses to do something with it in college.

    You are very blessed.

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