Aaron’s Home for the Summer!

— 1 —

I supervised yard work last weekend.  By that I mean I literally stood in the yard pointing at things saying, “That’s poison ivy.  Kill it.” and “That’s a hosta your mother gave me.  Stay away from it.”  Of course I still got poison ivy, and I’m trying to hold out as long as possible before going on steroids since my family has expressed their reluctance to be within shouting distance of me during the course of a dose-pak.  We’ll see.

— 2 —

My appointment with my neurosurgeon went well.  I told him that the Celebrex was helping, but only very slightly, and that I was still in a lot of pain a vast majority of the time.  He pulled up my pre-op films and was very honest with me about what lousy shape I was in before surgery and that we didn’t have any idea how long I’d been in that condition, so we can’t know how long it’s going to take for the pain to abate.  But he assures me it will get better.

— 3 —

Aaron’s home for the summer!  It’s wonderful having him around.  I’ve missed his innate sweetness and his dry wit . . . and also his computer and car repair skills.

— 4 —

As a matter of fact, Aaron spent the whole day Wednesday putting new brake pads and one rotor on Michael’s car.  I’m so proud.  I have no idea where in our gene pool he picked up his flair for all things mechanical, but I’m sure glad he did 🙂

— 5 —

With the wedding less than a year away Aaron and Catherine are hip-deep in wedding planning, so if you’re in the Louisville area and have a vendor (photographer, videographer, florist, baker, caterer, DJ, photobooth) you’ve used and would recommend please let me know and I’ll pass it along!

— 6 —

It’s nice to be back in the swing of writing, even though I’m not doing as much of it as I’d like yet.  It just feels right.  I do need to find a critique group, and I think I’d like to find one with mainly Women’s Fiction writers, although I’m not 100% sure that’s the way to go.  Maybe a group who write a variety of genres would be good.  I need to ponder that one a while, I think.

— 7 —

Speaking of writing, our local writing group will have a psychic visiting tomorrow, and I’m very excited.  I’ve never met anyone who claimed to have psychic powers of any kind, but I love reading novels with a paranormal slant, so I can hardly wait 😉

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One thought on “Aaron’s Home for the Summer!”

  1. I’m glad to hear you’re getting some writing done. Let me know if you find a writing group that works for you and if it helps you write. I’m stalled.
    And please, you will tell us all about the psychic? Pretty please.

    Yay on Aaron being back! He sounds like a capable sort and the planet needs more of them. Sorry about the poison ivy but I’m glad to hear the cheering message from the neurosurgeon.

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