About Movies and TV and Whiskey and Paranoia

— 1 —

I watched Due Date with my thirteen-year-old.  He’d already seen it with my twenty-year-old when he was home from college, so the damage was done – don’t judge!  The whole movie was pretty hilarious in a “The Hangover” sort of way, but my favorite scene was the Birmingham-weed-Godfather scene.  I was dying laughing.  I could watch The Godfather every single day and still love it, so that scene had me laughing ’til I cried.

— 2 —

I wanted to make my own vanilla extract like I saw on Pinterest.  Please raise your hand if you’ve lost a serious amount of time to Pinterest in the past few months.  ‘Nuff said.  So I ordered the vanilla beans on eBay, because I got a tip that was the cheapest way to get them (it was), and then calculated the amount of vodka I would need to fill the attractive bottles I’d scored at Hobby Lobby for 50% off. (Don’t get too excited – they do that like every other week.)  Anyway, I needed two cups of vodka, which my helpful husband told me equaled one pint.  Of course an hour elapsed between the time he told me that and the time I got to the liquor store (an hour during which I was IN CHURCH, people!) and I’d forgotten by the time I got there.  So I picked up a bottle of my favorite wine from a local winery, which happens to be pretty inexpensive (sangria from Oliver Winery, if you’re interested) and then started wandering aimlessly.  A nice lady had me try a shot of cherry-flavored whiskey, which we both decided would be just lovely in hot chocolate (I think it was Evan Williams or something like that, not really sure, I don’t normally drink whiskey) and then continued wandering, looking for vodka, which is not something I normally buy.  A nice young man came up to help me and when I said I was looking for vodka started extolling the virtues of each brand.  I cut him short by telling him I wanted two cups of vodka to make my own vanilla extract.  No, nothing flavored, that would rather defeat the purpose.  But in order to get out of the liquor store with my under-twenty-dollar purchase I had to converse with said young man about the BASKETBALL GAME.  *sigh*

— 3 —

I don’t care about basketball.  There, I said it.  By the time you read this I will probably be deported from Kentucky, because in Kentucky everyone cares about basketball.  As a matter of fact, I graduated from the University of Kentucky, lived in a freshman dorm overlooking Wildcat Lodge (where the basketball players live) and never attended a single game.  It’s a wonder my mother hasn’t disowned me.  My husband has learned to warn me: “Don’t call your mother right now, the Cats are down.” (as if I even knew the game was on)!  I don’t call her for at least 24 hours after a big loss.  She has to have time to pull herself together.  But if you live or work here you have to be able to fake it.  So when the guy at the liquor store started talking about injuries and playing freshmen who weren’t red-shirted I played along fairly well.  I expressed exasperation, frustration, and optimism for the future of the team.  All this without knowing who had already played that day, UK or Uof L.  I’ve taken ignorance of college athletics to a whole new level 🙂

— 4 —

If you read my post Sunday about forgiveness and The Lord’s Prayer you’ll be interested to hear that supper Sunday night went quite well.  Then my father-in-law called and invited me to lunch.  I agreed, but maintained a low-level panic state for the next twenty-four hours wondering why, for the first time in the twenty-eight years I’ve known him, this man wanted to take me – just me – to lunch.  I was in jeans and tennis shoes, figuring we were headed to Panera or somewhere similar, but he ended up taking me to a fancy white-tablecloth place where the waiter put my napkin in my lap for me.  I almost giggled, because I honestly can’t remember the last time I was in a restaurant that nice – it’s been at least a decade.  Anyway, the service was sloooow, which only made me more antsy, wondering what he had to ask me or tell me.  Turns out there really wasn’t anything.  He’d asked me when we had him over to dinner to send some emails and do a little online research for him (he refuses to use a computer) and lunch was evidently his way of saying, “Thank you”.  Paranoid much?

— 5 —

I’ve had a horrible cold, and have been treating it with every over-the-counter and home remedy I can find, because it’s just flat annoying to feel like crap and not be able to breathe through my nose in addition to everything else.  Michael brought home the honey-flavored version of the whiskey I’d tried a few days ago, and I think that helped more than anything else.  A couple of Vitamin Cs with a shot of honey whiskey and I’m on the road to recovery.

— 6 —

I just watched the last episode of Season One of Downton Abbey on Netflix.  I just want to jump right in and live there – I’ll be a kitchen maid with Daisy!  Now to catch up on the current season – I think I’m only a few episodes behind, but I sure hope they’re replaying the old episodes, because I didn’t set it up to DVR them 🙁

— 7 —

I’m in the middle of reading a pretty fabulous book.  It’s a genre I don’t normally read (fantasy/science fiction) but I’m really enjoying it.  More on that later!

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6 thoughts on “About Movies and TV and Whiskey and Paranoia”

  1. I’ll try not to take offense at your dislike of basketball—IT’S ONLY THE GREATEST SPORT IN THE WORLD—because I hate hockey . . . and I went to school at the University of Alaska Fairbanks where hockey is king. I attended exactly one game; it was long, cold, and boring. Plus, the crowd was super mean, yelling curses and insults at the refs and opposing team.

    A lot of people have been mentioning Downtown Abbey—I think I’m going to have to watch it!

  2. Does your mother read your blog? She just might kill you.

    I guess your bucket list is different than mine. Mine says, ‘attend a UK/UL game, in RUPP, and paint my face.’ I suppose I won’t ask you to come with.

    I still love you, even after this amazing revolution.

  3. I’m so glad that dinner with your father-in-law went well.

    Oh, Pinterest is awesome! I only let myself on there every few weeks because otherwise I would NEVER leave. LOL!

    As for basketball, I have no interest in it at all. And thankfully, no one in my family does either. Dealing with football season is tortuous enough….

  4. I heard Due Date was good but never saw it. Now it’s on my list.

    White table cloths and linens in your lap. Hmm…fancy schmancy stuff. Glad it turned out so nice!

    And, well…I’m no basketball lover, but I do love me some San Antonio Spurs. I guess because they’re just down the road and easy to get to for a game. Oh, and for the most part, it’s gotta be a LIVE game. I ain’t wasting time watching that crap on the tube.

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