An Afternoon of Gaming and Junk Food for Teen Boys (and a Big Brother)

If you need an afternoon to get something done (say, for instance, prep some things in advance for Thanksgiving the day before) I’m all for renting the latest movie or game from Redbox and breaking all the regular nutrition rules to let the kiddos have a junk-food fest to keep them occupied.  This is what I did for John and a couple of his friends, and it worked beautifully. Check out Couch Critics for some suggestions – they don’t all include junk food!

We started with an XBox 360 game that just game out, which was also a great way to preview it to see if John wanted to add it to his Christmas list.

Then I asked him for a list of foods and drinks he and his friends would like. If you think I came home with a veggie tray and fruit juice you couldn’t be more wrong. This is what my cart looked like:

Thankfully, I didn’t see anyone I knew in the checkout line.
Since only two of the three friends John had invited were able to make it Aaron filled in. He’s been too busy at college to do much gaming, even though he has a gaming minor – that sounds rather unfair, doesn’t it?

As you can tell from the shopping cart, I bought mass quantities of food. But as anyone who has ever had a teenage boy in the house can attest to there are never too many Bagel Bites. What is it about pizzas made with mini bagels that’s so magical. Aaron even said that my Bagel Bites tasted better than the ones he makes at his apartment. As I guessed, he’s been microwaving them, not baking them (ICK).

In short, they all enjoyed the game, but John didn’t like it enough to add it to list Christmas list. And I was able to get quite a few things done I probably wouldn’t have otherwise 🙂

If anyone wants to check out the whole experience from Redbox reservation to grocery shopping to gaming it’s recorded for posterity in this Google Album.

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2 thoughts on “An Afternoon of Gaming and Junk Food for Teen Boys (and a Big Brother)”

  1. Absolutely! The benefit of not feeding kids junk food all the time is that when you really, really need a reward, some consolation or just some free time, Doritos, coke and Little Debbie will let you have that. It’s not special if you get it every day and part of the fun of eating it is the twinge of guilt, right?

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