And I’m Still Waiting. . .

— 1 —

As any of you who follow me on Twitter or Facebook know the decision I was promised by Friday the 13th from my insurance company didn’t happen.  And Monday when I tried to get in touch with my claims representative she was “out of the office”.  Strangely, after complaining about their abysmal customer service and the fact that CIGNA was two months behind on my benefits payments I got an email from her humbly apologizing and promising that not only had I been approved, but a check would be issued to me by today, the 20th.  I’ll believe it when I see it. CIGNA’s promises don’t carry much weight with the companies to whom I owe money, either.

— 2 —

On a happier note, my scale says I have lost twenty pounds.  I realize my scale is broken, but I have no intention of replacing it.  I like it just the way it is.

— 3 —

I’ve been scouring Pinterest for hair and make-up tutorials appropriate for a mother-of-the-groom who usually wears no makeup and sticks her wet hair up in a claw clip every morning.  I really want to do it myself, having heard from too many people who had hair and/or makeup “done” by someone they didn’t really know for an event and then immediately jumped in the shower and started from scratch.  Any and all suggestions would be appreciated.  Especially how to put on eyeliner without blinding myself.

— 4 —

My pallet garden is growing beautifully, and I think the mutant ninja squirrels and I have come to an agreement.  I put out pretty red bowls of fresh water for them daily and they only steal about 25% of my tomato crop.  That’s 75% less than they’ve gotten in previous years, so I’m happy with it.

— 5 —

My new favorite TV show is Bunheads. Shannon Foster as Michelle Simms is such a wonderfully quirky character, and even though I missed the first couple of episodes and am at a loss as to why neither woman is apparently grieving their husband/son something about the sweetness of the show just appeals to me right now.  I want to live in a world where people are sweet to each other.

— 6 —

The heat and humidity are sapping my strength this week, and the storms keep Boss so worked up he keeps us up half the night demanding comfort.  When a big dog demands comfort there’s no ignoring him.  During a particularly bad storm he hid in my husband’s closet, so I’m thinking that when I do the big closet organization I’ll make him a little hidey-hole with old sofa cushions.  Not that I’m past due on reorganizing closets or anything, but my twenty-year-old’s changing table serves as shelves in one closet.

— 7 —

Now here’s the big news of the week: my Dad is engaged!  I love Edie, his fiancee, and they make each other happy, so I’m thrilled for them.  I’m not sure what the wedding plans are yet, but no, a double wedding with Aaron and Catherine is not an option 😉

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  1. Hey there! You can catch up on your favorite shows you missed on They’re usually there a couple of days after they’re aired. hth!!

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