10 thoughts on “Another Pillow Bites the Dust”

    1. Isn’t that the truth! My oldest dog ate almost an entire wood rocking chair when she was growing up. She just started at the bottom and worked her way up – EEK!

  1. hehehe your post made me laugh… I needed that but sorry about your pillow. “cute only gets you so far” hehehe ok still laughing

    I hopped over from the Lady Bloggers Tea Party Social!

    I’m now following your blog and you on twitter! So nice to meet you and btw I L*I*V*E in my pjs. LOL <3 them

      1. hahahaha you know I actually had the thought; I need to remember that phrase to use with my kiddos. The adorable little mess making munchkins. LOL

        So very nice meeting you!

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