Babies and Books and Boots – Oh My!


— 1 —

My name is Angie and I’m a book addict. I once gave up fiction for Lent. It got ugly quickly. Since I haven’t had the money to buy books in a while I don’t actually need a rolling library ladder, but I still want one. There are books in every room of my house except the bathrooms, and I have huge boxes of books that need shelf space. I already gave away the ones I didn’t want to read again. Perhaps instead of crown molding in every room I’ll have a shelf. And a light-weight ladder I can move myself. Along with the bazillion books I have on Kindle that should work out just fine. (Note to self: check Pinterest.)

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Speaking of books, I have a lot of shelf space devoted to Stephen King. I don’t read other authors in the horror genre, but his style of writing just entrances me.  Whatever he writes I’ll read. I’ve had to borrow his last several books from the library instead of buying first editions, but I’ve read them all. This Sunday evening, thanks to my fabulous husband, I’ll be in the audience with a friend while he talks. We’ll all get copies of his new book, which he may read from. Since he’s never been to Kentucky before for a signing or a speaking engagement I don’t know what to expect. But it will be over ninety degrees and humid, and he’s getting on in years and is used to the weather in Maine. We’ll be at an outdoor amphitheatre, so I’m just hoping he doesn’t suffer heat stroke.

— 3 —

I also hope I can make it through the event. I have concocted a special ice-pack that lasts  a full eight hours (I promise to post about it later), I made a special trip to Goodwill for all-cotton, loose, breathable clothing. I’m even taking extra meds since my friend Lisa volunteered to drive. I’m taking a hat and a cane and chairs so we can sit or lie down in the line at the Ampitheatre.  The chairs can’t go in, so I’ll just leave them at the door and pray some asshat doesn’t steal them. They were Goodwill purchases as well, but I’m rather fond of them. We’ll get there early, since only half of the seats are covered, but it will be worth it. We’ll take food and drinks for the “in line” portion of the evening, tossing out whatever’s left when we enter. Then after we listen we’ll be called up by section to pick up our books (not sure why they aren’t just doing this at the entrance, but no one asked my opinion).

— 4 —

Sorry I’m a day late, but I tend to do my writing before bed, and if I wait too late (and have already taken my muscle relaxer) even I don’t know what I’m talking about when I read it!

— 5 —

Last night was baby-sitting night, which I look forward to all week. The 18-month-old and 5-month-old boys I co-sit with their GiGi are just the most handsome, brilliant, well-behaved children ever. Yes, I love my own two boys dearly, but Aaron never slept and John was completely fearless, a quality best appreciated much later in life. But the smells, sounds, snuggles – if someone could bottle that and sell it we’d never need anti-depressants. There is something wonderful about young children that I’m quite sure God designed to keep their poor exhausted mothers from just locking them in a closet for an hour so they could take a shower and eat a sandwich.

— 6 —

Of course God has a different plan once children hit seventeen. Then he makes even the most perfect and angelic child “borrow” your wallet and forget to put it back in your purse on a day you are going shopping. Or tell you they will be home at midnight and not be home yet at three (that was last night). My theory is that we, as parents, are supposed to get so annoyed with them that we aren’t quite so upset when they go away to college or move out of the house. Good try, God, but even though the furthest away my baby will go is one hour and forty minutes away (closest one hour) I’m not going to be ready for it. *sigh*

— 7 —

On the up side, I am now the proud owner of these gorgeous boots!boots
which I’ve been stalking at a consignment store for about three months. I thought I could get them for 25% off during their Memorial Day sale, but evidently Yippee Ki Yay is part of the Old Gringo brand, and therefore designer, which they never discount. But this past Thursday they held a three-hour Ladies Night sale with 30% everything in the store – including designer accessories! There were women who’d been there for two hours, clutching the designer bags locked to the endcaps. With the two laundry baskets of too-big clothes I’d taken in over the past several months applied to store credit I nabbed these $300 boots for $10. And when I put them on I feel like Miranda Lambert and Prince combined. Only fabulous things will happen when I wear these boots!

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2 thoughts on “Babies and Books and Boots – Oh My!”

  1. Those *are* some fancy boots! Have you read King’s book about writing? That’s one of my favorite books on writing, although I have read exactly none of his other writing.

    1. “On Writing” is my favorite craft book ever. He’s so inspiring!! Try one of his short story anthologies – each one is a perfect little gem. You wouldn’t think a guy who writes huge TOMES of fiction could limit himself to a short story, but he does it beautifully 🙂

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