Baby Shower and Bake Sale Help Needed!

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I’m going to a baby shower soon.  They already know they’re having a baby girl, and they have two boys, so all my go-to, gender-neutral, favorite gifts are things they already have (like the awesome Boppy Pillow).  Any suggestions?  Things you’ve received or seen given at showers that you thought were especially clever or useful?  I don’t want to go shopping without a plan, because I know good and well I’d come home with pink tu-tus in every size to fit the poor child until she starts school.

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There’s also a bake sale coming up.  Well, actually I volunteered for both the bake sale and the hospitality room for the marching band contest being held at John’s high school.  I always worked the First Aid tents for Aaron’s events, but I knew there was no way I could physically work a shift doing anything, so I’m cooking and baking at my own pace beforehand.  So I need bake sale ideas and potluck- type dishes – both need to be able to be made a day or two ahead or maybe more in advance and frozen.  Please put your links to recipes in the comments section and I’ll start a Pinterest board to get myself organized.

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I’m learning a lot this week checking Tweetchat a couple of times every day for hashtags and Twitter parties for writers.  I Googled “hashtags for writers”, but about half of what I found isn’t being used anymore and there are a lot of new ones that are busy and fun!  I’m keeping a list, and I’ll post it once I’ve monitored for a full two weeks.

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I ran out of the dog-calming pheromone diffuser I’ve kept in the house for months, and he’s snipped at two people in two days.  I’m ordering a two-month supply today.  (It’s on my sidebar in the Amazon product carousel if you haven’t already heard me gush about how wonderful it is.)

— 5 —

John will be competing in two marching band competitions the same day Saturday.  The band members get dropped off at 8am Saturday and will be ready to come home around 3am Sunday.  I’m glad he enjoys band as much as he does!

— 6 —

I’ve found a new author (OK, new to me) and I literally can’t get enough of her writing.  I’m reading on my iPad right now since Michael’s reading The Complete Sherlock Holmes on my Kindle, and this is what my Kindle app home screen looks like:


Yep, the last thirteen are all by Donna McDonald.  I’ve read two romance series and am finishing up one fantasy series.  Once I’m able to stop reading long enough I’m going to get brave and contact her.  I suspect she’s a Kentucky author and I hope she lives nearby and will agree to come talk to our writing group!

— 7 —

I love it when just a little thing can brighten my day.  Last night I was sleepy on the way to pick up John and his friend at marching band practice, so I hit a Starbuck’s.  Pumpkin Spice Latte!  Yay!  I sat in a fold-out chair in the cool breeze sipping my yummy treat while I watched the last thirty minutes of practice and it was wonderful 🙂

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4 thoughts on “Baby Shower and Bake Sale Help Needed!”

  1. I would guess that they are having a shower for #3 because she is a girl and they have mostly boy clothing and colors so I would think that girly stuff would be what is desired…What about a new boppy cover to match the nursery decorating…

  2. My go-to for bake sales are the Nestle Tollhouse cookies because there are so many varations. My favorites are:

    -mint chocolate (sub peppermint extract for vanilla)

    -orange cranberry (sub orange extract for vanilla and cranberries for chocolate chips)

    -Mexican hot chocolate (add cinnamon and use dark chocolate chips)

    These freeze well and can also be made in bar form. I used to make these for church and bring the leftovers to work. Any leftovers were gone by noon and I had requests from people for the recipes for Christmas cookies.

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