Back to School and a Fresh Start For Writers

For me this time of year always seems a better choice for resolutions and goal-making than New Year’s.  I don’t know if it’s all the organizational supplies that are on sale (oh, how I love back-to-school shopping!) or the enforced changes in my schedule due to new schools, new activities, new stages in our family’s life.

I want to download apps, buy books, make lists, and set goals.  I want to start a thousand wonderful, exciting new projects.  But if I go about it in my usual way I won’t finish a single thing.  Thankfully, I took a class a while back that completely changed how I organize my work and my time.  It appeals to both my creative side and my list-maker tendencies, and the changes felt easy, natural . . . organic, even!

I have taken a variety of classes and read many books on blogging and writing.  But the best course I’ve ever taken that applies to both (and to other aspects of life as well) is Mel Culbertson’s Content Brew.  I was one of the lucky students in the very first course, and it completely changed the way I think about the creative process and time management.  Yeah, how often do you hear those two phrases in the same sentences?

The first course was not self-paced, so I was, admittedly, a little overwhelmed.  But all the material was organized in a way that allowed me to go back and find the bits and pieces I needed later as I integrated her suggestions more fully.  Brilliant woman that she is, Mel is now offering a self-paced version.  Buy now and set aside a day a week to devote an hour or so to it.  Tuck it away as a gift to yourself for getting through something you’re dreading.  Or team up and do it with a friend – classes are always more fun with friends!

This course was originally designed for bloggers, but it has so much to offer all writers, especially now that commercially successful authors need to be able to promote themselves via social media .  The social media tips alone were worth the purchase price of $50 as far as I was concerned.  And the brilliant time-management strategies – who can put a price on huge chunks of time saved and the peace of mind that comes with knowing you’re “staying on top of everything”?  I keep an ad for Content Brew in the footer of my blog all the time – I love it that much.  But here’s a link for those of you who read the blog in a reader or don’t always scroll all the way to the bottom:

And here are the selling points for the self-paced version of the course – straight from Melissa’s mouth:

  • Students can take the lessons at their own pace. Work through them fast, slow or anywhere in between.
  • Students have access to a private Facebook group where they can ask questions & get feedback from other students.
  • Some of the video tutorials have been updated to reflect changes & updates to some of the apps I share.
  • Each lesson includes answers to questions frequently asked in the instructor-led sessions.
  • Lifetime access to lessons.

So take a peek.  Follow Melissa’s blog, or follow her on Twitter – you’ll quickly see she’s all about high standards and delivering even more than she promises.  I’m giving myself until the end of the week to adjust to John’s new school schedule, and then I’m tackling the self-paced course.  My plan is to do it during my enforced downtime during marching band rehearsals 😉  Want to join me?

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