Ballard Boys – One Generation Ago

These are “The Ballard Boys” circa 1970. That’s my handsome hubby Michael on the bottom right in the blue shirt. Across from him is the youngest, Patrick (PB!), next to him is Stephen, and across from Stephen is the eldest, Chris. Their Aunt Ann sent me this picture some time ago. This is Memorial Day weekend, a time to gather with family, and to honor those who have served our country. The boys pictured have a father who served in the armed forces in Germany (between Korea and Vietnam) and a grandfather who served in the Pacific Theater in the Navy during WWII. My own family honors my Uncle Lloyd , who served in Vietnam, and my great-grandfather, who was a doctor in the Army during WWI. Freedom isn’t free. This weekend take a moment to discuss with your children, your friends, and your family those who have served our country and kept us free. Those who have given so much. What would you be willing to fight for? To die for? I want to take this opportunity to thank my Uncle Lloyd, who served our country at a time when that wasn’t an easy or popular choice to make. I also want to thank Chris, the smiling child in the top right of this photo, who has now retired from the Air Force, and has experienced things in war-torn countries that the rest of us can’t even imagine. I would be proud if either of my sons chose to enter the military (yet terrified). Enjoy your holiday weekend, but PLEASE don’t forget what we are honoring.

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3 thoughts on “Ballard Boys – One Generation Ago”

  1. Thanks so much for your wonderful post today. It is so easy to forget the sacrifices that have been, and are still being made for our freedom everyday. Wishing everyone a safe and happy Memorial Day weekend.

    The "boys" look so cute!

  2. Over from Sits.
    Always important to remember those who went before and what they gave for us.
    Great photo!
    Hope you enjoy your weekend.

  3. this is an adorable picture, and an even better post. Thanks to your family and Michael's for their service.

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