Being Thankful

A friend of mine, Tony, introduced me to a blog called Tiny Budda: Simple Wisdom for Complex Lives.  One of her recent posts was about “Thanking your 2011 Self“.  I’m a goal-setter, and 2011 involved a lot of steps backwards for me in many areas of my life, but I am thankful for the self-awareness and increased spirituality this horrible year has brought me.

So don’t look back and think about the pounds you didn’t lose, the exercise routine you didn’t maintain, the books you didn’t read, the credit cards you didn’t pay off, or the foreign language you didn’t learn or teach your children.  Think about the times when you found strength deep inside yourself you didn’t know you had, when you made happy memories for your family, and when you made the choice to do the right thing even though it was hard.  Celebrate the lessons you’ve learned, the friends and family you’ve enjoyed, and the fact that you’ve laughed during a year that might have held only tears.

Tonight I’ll be bringing in the New Year with a house full of twelve and thirteen year old boys, and along with my usual list of goals for the coming year I’ll be making a list of prayers for my family and friends – may we all have a happy and healthy 2012!


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