Best Sites for Buying Christmas Gifts

My go-to site?  Amazon.  They are just so reliable!  And I love that there are always plenty of reviews to read on nearly every product.  I find that especially helpful with toys and games.  I can’t count the times I’ve seen something advertised and been on the brink of ordering it when I read a boat-load of bad reviews and changed my mind.  I do tend to get sucked in by advertising.

Hard to buy for people?  Steve Spangler Science.  Just browse around this site and you’ll quikcly find things that will fascinate everyone on your gift list.  Who wouldn’t want a cool ant farm with nutrient gel instead of dirt, a prism for their desk, or a marshmallow gun?  The prices are reasonable, quality is high, and shipping is fast.

Bath and Body Works.  Watch for the sales.  And look at their robes and socks as well as the bath products – I’ve loved everything I’ve ever bought from them.  In fact, I love my robe so much I have been known to wear it on the drive to work.  I leave it in the car, but I don’t give it up until I have to.

Solutions.  Great catalog, great site, great products.  I bought their herbal shoulder pac a couple of years ago and after my husband, children, dog, and iPhone it’s the next thing I would save if my house was on fire.  Buy it for someone this year.

What are your favorites??

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