Beuller. . . Beuller?

Is anyone actually reading this? I know I dropped off the radar for a couple of months during the dead of Winter. But if there is no interest I’ll just shut down this custom-designed WordPress blog that costs me more than $200 a year and get a gmail address.

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8 thoughts on “Beuller. . . Beuller?”

  1. Angie, I read EVERY thing you post! I like getting info about your family, your health/fight with S.S.I., and even products you endorse. But if there is a cheaper or more convenient method for you to stay in touch, let me know know and I will follow you by another road! I really missed getting your blog when you were on hiatus.

  2. I read all of your posts. I enjoy them. I meant to post a picture of my dogs but didn’t get it done. And I loved your ice dancing post. I love ice dancing. But whatever you need to I can find a way to keep in touch.

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