Binge-Watching Netflix in the Snow


— 1 —

With storm fronts moving in and out, temps dropping, and snow falling my neck is keeping me from being very productive. So I figured if I couldn’t be productive maybe it would make me feel better to watch someone else achieve something! I started by watching enough House Hunters International to make me realize that I will never have enough money to live in a house or apartment in any foreign country with indoor plumbing – even if I win the lottery. So I binge-watched Flea Market Flip and Rehab Addict (LOVE that one) and convinced myself that with just junk people put out for trash day I could build and furnish my own dream home. Of course that was before I tried to unload the dishwasher and had to stop halfway through to take a pain pill and lie down with an ice pack. Maybe I should try Hoarders next.

— 2 —

 We are a nerd family, so Leonard Nemoy’s passing hit us hard. My son was especially annoyed when soon after the gold/white or blue/black dress took over social media. I think his exact quote was, “Who gives a damn about that ugly dress? Spock died!”

— 3 —

John and I are also huge fans of The Walking Dead and its after-show with Chris Hardwick, Talking Dead. My goal this season is to have one of my tweets featured on the #deadbuzz segment of the show. Talking Dead lets all the fans sort of re-enter their normal lives gradually after the intensity of an hour of The Walking Dead. You can’t just watch a show like that and go to bed. Sadly, other shows have begun trying after-shows as well. Downton Abbey, for example. Don’t get me wrong, I love Downton, but what is there to say that’s different from one week to the next? “That was a real zinger from Maggie Smith, wasn’t it?” “Wow, Mary is such a bitch.” We could argue whether killing off Isis was the right or wrong thing to do, but I will always stand firmly on the side of not killing off TV show dogs no matter what their names are.

— 4 —

I do have a couple of snow-storm tips garnered from Facebook this week. This one is for small dogs: lay out a tarp before it snows (or before it gets too deep), then pull it back so your dog can go potty without sinking their entire back end into the snow.
small dog

— 5 —

I loved this contraption. It would be perfect for areas that get several feet of snow and have very real worries about roofs collapsing from the weight.

— 6 —

Anyone else watching Better Call Saul, the Breaking Bad off-shoot? My whole family likes it so far, which is great because my husband didn’t like Breaking Bad. He said it was too dark for him. And he doesn’t understand our love of The Walking Dead, either. But he always has the History Channel.

— 7 —

Lest you think I have done absolutely nothing while I’ve been snowed in I have used my time with a captive audience, everyone on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, reading blogs, and catching up on their email. My Nerium sales are soaring, which is great since April will be here soon, and along with it our very own “Microsoft Moment”! A product is being released early in April from the top research institution in the world. It’s been twenty-seven years and ten patents in the making, but it’s going to be the biggest thing direct marketing has ever seen. It will rock the foundations of skincare and anti-aging, and I’m SO excited that I’ve already got my seat on the rocket ship. I’m ready for something wonderful 😀

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