Birthday Girl!

YES!!! We are in! “The” Ballard boys here. Nailed her password on the first try. I am certain she will put up road blocks on access to posting on the blog that would stop Bill Gates so other than this covert post you will shortly return to hearing from time to time about us, not from us.

December 3rd is Angie’s birthday. She is turning, (had you for a gasp there, didn’t I?)

Some of the followers and readers know Angie personally but for those who just know her through the blog, what you see is what you get. There is no better person on this earth than my Angie!

Ta, ILY, me

There are 2 accomplices:

Ha, I’m blogging. Anyway, I just want to say that Mom is one of the biggest motivators in my life to do well. Every time I come home with anything unsatisfactory, I’m motivated almost instantly to “get my butt in gear,” which is probably what I think about most when I’m trying to do better in school. So thanks to Mom, on her (Insert Age Here) birthday, for helping me be a better person, even though she has to look up to yell at me. Happy Birthday, Mom =)


ummmmm….OH! Thanks for a very fun 11 years so far, and happy (insert age here) birthday!

Jack…John…er…crap! I lost track.

Have a Happy Birthday!!! Your Fella’s

And now back to your regularly scheduled program!

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