Blessed With Great Kids

— 1 —

I keep it real here on the blog, so you hear the bad stuff along with the good (i.e. my youngest sharing drugs with classmates and my eldest looking like a homeless sheepdog). Right now, as of today, I’m super-proud of everyone and don’t mind sharing it. Aaron and Catherine are preparing for graduation and searching for jobs. Catherine was in the final running for a magnificent job that I never thought a new grad would even be considered for, and Aaron’s got a lot of options, but no firm offers yet, which is fine. He’s using his non-job-hunting time to create things like this (his new twitter avatar, @saturndrummer). If you know someone looking for a great employee in the choral music education or computer science fields just let me know 😉


— 2 —

John had percussion tryouts earlier this week, and he’d been taking lessons and planning to try out for tenors (the one that is several drums strapped together). Instead, he was told he would be section leader for the bass drums. He was quite disappointed for the first twenty-four hours, as he really had his heart set on tenors, but now he’s coming to realize how much fun being a section leader could turn out to be. As his mom, I’m excited about it helping him become more comfortable in leadership roles and looking great on college and scholarship applications!

— 3 —

Aaron and Catherine have both also been a huge help this week with the minor day-to-day crises we weather around here. Catherine cut the guys’ hair and gave great advice when John was asked out by an “older woman”. Aaron fixed the code in an important post I was working on and talked his brother down after the tenor disappointment. They are such an awesome couple. Soon they’ll be married one year, and I can’t decide if it seems like only yesterday or if it’s like they’ve always been together – two halves of a whole 🙂

— 4 —

I had my yearly mammogram and exam this week, and I was a bit of a wreck. It’s understandable, since my mom is a breast cancer survivor, but I read into the tech’s every word and expression while getting my images done. I always have three images of each breast, all high-pressure, both because of my family history and because my breasts are very fibrous. Just call me mango-boob. The up side is it really doesn’t hurt at all, not like it did before I started having neck and back pain. Now if something isn’t as bad as my neck pain it simply doesn’t register in my brain as painful at all – okay, it’s a small upside, but I’ll take it.

— 5 —

I had about half an hour between the end of my appointment and the time Michael could pick me up, which I spent people-watching. I don’t get out much, so I don’t get to do this often. Please tell me, do people dress in appallingly tacky and unflattering clothes only to go to the doctor, or is it happening everywhere? I wanted to take pictures, but I’m not that sly. The uses I saw of animal print during that thirty minutes would certainly shame the animals the spandex was patterned after.

— 6 —

I also had a psychiatrist appointment this week. In keeping with the pervasive “Derby fever” that infects everyone in Louisville this time of year my doctor asked Michael and me if we had Derby plans. Really? I attempted suicide because I’m in constant, debilitating pain and my financial situation is so horrible I feel like I’m nothing but a burden on my family and you think I have Derby plans? That I’ve bought a cute dress, hat, and high heels, scored some high-priced tickets to the track, and am going to sit all day and watch horse racing, periodically tottering to the betting window to stand in line and bet all my extra money on my carefully chosen horses? I just smiled, said, “Unfortunately not” and left. Asshat.

— 7 —

Since we’re getting close to graduation time let me say a little something about one of my pet peeves. When you are at a large graduation and they ask you to hold your applause until the end so each graduate’s name can be heard . . . do it. You never know when the person sitting near you will be me, and if you jump, scream, clap, and generally make a fool of yourself so I can’t hear my child’s name called I will hurt you. Seriously. I may not be strong, but I have an excellent grasp of human anatomy and know exactly where to hit to cause the most damage.

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