Bloggiesta: Why I’m Doing It, and Why YOU Should, Too

This weekend is Bloggiesta, which means bloggers everywhere will be doing some bloggy housekeeping.  My to-do list is short, but they are things I’ve been putting off for too long:

1.) Cull my Google Reader and email subscriptions.  There is no reason I should receive even my favorite blogs two different ways, but I do.  And there is no reason for me to have blogs with partial feeds in my Reader unless I absolutely adore them, because I almost never click over.  I want it all at once.  And I’m dropping anyone who’s doing the “I’m posting every day this year for the sake of posting, even though I don’t really have anything to say”.  So sue me.

2.) I’m going to try to get Link Within to work ONE MORE STINKIN’ TIME, because I can’t find anything else I like as well.  I don’t understand why it worked so well when I was on Blogger, and now that I’m on WordPress I need special dispensation from the Pope for it to pull properly.

3.)   Figure out what I’ve done to make my WP Dashboard look so dorked up.  Dianna, help!  I want mine to look like yours!

4.) Write some posts in advance.  I’ve used up my stockpile.  I got nuthin’.

Now here’s what I would like everyone else to do for Bloggiesta.  Because you know I’m all about telling other people what to do.  In fact, I get paid pretty good money to tell people what to do all day long, and I’ve been doing it for a very long time.  Then I come home, where I do it for free!  Anyway, I want everyone, please, for the love of all things holy, to get rid of the autoplay music, the comment verification, and anything that is brightly colored or blinky.  Thank you.  And yes, I realize that now the chick with the hot pink text on a black background, the song from her wedding on autoplay, and a partial feed showing up in my reader every damn day will no longer be following me.  And I’m just fine with that.

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12 thoughts on “Bloggiesta: Why I’m Doing It, and Why YOU Should, Too”

    1. I’d never heard of it until Dianna sent me a link. I needed something to push me into doing some bloggy housecleaning. Is there a FlyLady zone for your blog??

  1. Some of those made me laugh! Plus, I didn’t even know you could use link within with WordPress, so if you figure it out I’d love to know how you did it!
    Best wishes for all your goals – you can do it! 🙂

    1. You absolutely can – a lot of people use it without any trouble at all. I never could get it to pull from more than the most recent dozen or so posts, though, which made me CRAZY! There’s not another plugin out there that does exactly that, though, so I’m gonna give it another shot. if you want to try, go to . Good luck!!

    1. I really should do it regularly. Then I wouldn’t spend forever wracking my brain wondering what in the world I’m doing following a particular blog and still feeling guilty for deleting it!

  2. Tell us what you really feel 😉 Great post – I feel the same. I need to do some major feed clean up as well. And I’ll have you know I know I don’t have music on autoplay (it freaks me out when music starts up that I haven’t started and makes my hubby upset when we are watching tv and I am blog hopping), I don’t use blinky things and I think I turned my comment verification off. I’ll have to go check that now that you have told me what I needed to do.

    Have a great bloggiesta!

  3. Well, I have def been guilty of the auto music. (but, in my defense, I NEEDED it to be playing, for me, wheen I was losing my mind and needed inspiration…)
    The comment erification drives me INSANE almost as much as people on Blogger not using their email addresses when they leave comments (which is why I now have DISQUS on my blog)

    For the record, I really like your header. Very simple and cute 🙂

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