Bloogy Boot Camp? Even Better Than I Expected!

I was so excited about going to Bloggy Boot Camp in Baltimore this past weekend that I started to wonder if the reality could even come close to the expectations I’d built up in my mind. Well, it was so much BETTER than I could have imagined! Tiffany of SITS organized the event, and if she ever decides to give all this up and run for political office she’s got my vote because this is a woman who gets things DONE! This was my first blogging conference, but I’ve been to plenty of other conferences, and this was the smoothest I’ve ever seen. Everything seemed relaxed and effortless, which always means someone had worked their butt off – that someone was Tiffany. If I ever get the opportunity to attend a blogging conference again (and I think I’ll probably shrivel up and die if I don’t go to them regularly now) my preference hands-down would be a SITS conference. The hotel, Pier 5, was BEAUTIFUL and their staff was charming and helpful.
Not to mention their restaurant was fabulous (try the stuffed flounder and sangria!) and the location was perfect – we could walk everywhere. The conference itself was chock-full of helpful information. I took three pages of notes I still need to sort through. The speakers were all well-prepared and willing to answer questions on any level. Mary at The Mommyologist has posted a fabulous Bloggy Boot Camp Crash Course, so check that out. She was one of the many wonderful, funny, brilliant people I met. Tara at Feels Like Home spoke about SEO and, amazingly, I understand now! That alone was worth the trip. Yes, I met Mama Kat, and let me just say she is just as sweet and beautiful and funny as you would expect, and she SOOOO does not consider herself a celebrity blogger. And she didn’t bring any baby mice to put in our swag bags, for which I was grateful. I met so many wonderful people I will so totally be stalking, I mean following, from now on! I wouldn’t have met nearly as many people if it hadn’t been for Tiffany’s brilliant assigned-seating plan. We switched tables for every topic and event, and met SO MANY more people than if we’d chosen out own seats. During lunch I not only met new people, but found a new camera accessory I simply MUST have. Melinda from Look What Mom Found had this way-cool thing called the X-shot that you can use to take a picture and INCLUDE YOURSELF! Oh, yeah, this puppy is already in my Amazon cart, let me tell you. Lotti at Better in Bulk has a picture on her site of the device in use if you want to check it out. And then during our afternoon Jello mousse break (MMMM!) I took this picture of Jean from life.autism.gerbils. My photography skills leave something to be desired, but her necklace is like Carrie’s in Sex and the City, except that instead of her name it’s her Twitter ID: @Stimey – how freakin’ cute it that?! Lastly, I’d like to thank Dianna for talking me into going to Baltimore. The experience enriched my life and I took away not just information, but new friendships and feelings of empowerment. Bloggers are wonderful, friendly, generous people, and if you are a blogger or are considering starting a blog you simply MUST go to one of the upcoming SITS Bloggy Boot Camps in Philadelphia, Austin, Phoenix, or San Francisco. Trust me, you’ll be SOOO glad you did!

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9 thoughts on “Bloogy Boot Camp? Even Better Than I Expected!”

  1. You are awesome! It was so fun meeting you! And I'm so happy that you recognized me by my huge boobs and bushy eyebrows!

    That photo of the lobby makes me wanna go back so bad!

    Thanks for the shout out lady!

  2. Okay, how did we miss each other at boot camp? In any event, so happy to have found a new blog to visit! It was my first blog as well and I had a wonderful time! Kudos to Tiffany!

  3. You are so cute and sweet in person. So glad I got to say hi to you. I think the next Bloggy should be at Casa de Dummies, though. That way I won't have to wear my girdle and I'll be more relaxed and I can talk to everyone, like really talk to everyone who loves me, I mean loves to blog just like me! Happy you got talked into coming too!

  4. I want to go back to meet more ladies! I felt like I met tons, and then I read your blogs and realize I barely scratched the surface!

  5. That is so cool. I wasn't sure if any of them would be phony.

    What a great idea to switch tables!! Brilliant!

    How many business cards did you give out?!

    I am SO glad you had fun!!

  6. I'm still jealous that you got to meet people that I didn't. Did I tell you how cheap the Philly flights were?? (I know I did, I'm just being a PITA)

  7. I love you girls! Seriously glad I met you and Dianna, the two of you just cracked me up. I kind of wish we all worked together and I could start talking with that cute southern drawl too.

  8. I had a great time too! It was very cool to meet you, and I was so happy to be in a place where people finally appreciated my necklace instead of thinking I was crazy for wearing it. 🙂

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