Book Review: Alex the Fey Series

Usually it’s hard for me to pick a book to review, because my tastes are so varied. I’ll read anything if it’s well-read. No genre is off-limits. I found Claudia Hall Christian’s series a long time ago, and I probably read the first book because it was free. I was so hooked I immediately bought the whole rest of the series. I’ve probably read it four times now. It’s a fast-paced read that always gives me strength. It’s a thriller, but the threads that tie all the characters and plotlines together are love, family, and true friendship. Every time I read it I feel a little stronger. And when I read it this last time I got a surprise – there were two more books in the series since I’d last read it! It was like Christmas morning! When my favorite authors release a new book I’m like a honey-badger. Nothing is coming between me and that book until it’s done! And the latest two are just as good as all her previous ones. This is the first one, the one to start with. It does help to read them in order, because there are a lot of characters and it’s easy to get them confused if you don’t know their backstory.

It’s still free! I happened to look at the date I first downloaded it when I went to Amazon to get the link. It was January 28, 2011. That was about a week after my HR director called my home number and didn’t get an answer, so she called my cell phone while I was in Kroger with my son to tell me if I didn’t show up for work at 4:30 a.m. the next day I would no longer have a job. I knew it was coming, I knew my FMLA was up, but my pain hadn’t improved at all with the two neurosurgeries I’d had within a month. But I’ll never forget how cheerful she sounded, as if she was truly enjoying ending my employment with a company I’d worked for the past twenty years; and that she couldn’t be compassionate enough to wait and try me at home again fifteen minutes later so I’d have some privacy. I’d gone out to get milk, and brought my son to lift it because I couldn’t. I couldn’t return to work because of pain. Where would I be, out for a run? So I’m glad I found the character Alex Hargreaves to remind me that things can always be worse, and that it’s important to know who your friends are and to keep them close.

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2 thoughts on “Book Review: Alex the Fey Series”

  1. Sorry to hear about the bad experience with your work. I’m like you and will read just about anything. My to-read list is currently miles long but I might add this to it anyway.

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