Book Suggestions for You from August

Y’all know my literary tastes are eclectic. I don’t read non-fiction or Literary Fiction because I live the depressing and thought-provoking parts of life. I read Fiction in all its genres! Here are four recent favorites:

Thief by C.L. Stone (Mystery/Thriller)
Kayli is a young woman who has supported her younger brother for years as a pick-pocket. Her skills attract the notice of a quasi-government group called The Academy. Full of fascinating characters, fast-paced, and well-written, this is the first in a series I’m sure I’ll enjoy!


Marigolds and Murder by London Lovett (Cozy Mystery)
Lacey Pinkerton isn’t the usual small-town sleuth. She has an enhanced sense of smell that earned her big bucks in the perfume industry. But now she owns a flower shop and ‘sniffs out’ clues. A very original take on the genre – I’ll be reading more of the series!


Thirty-Three Going on Girlfriend by Becky Monson Fiction/Humor)
This is the second book in a series, but perfect as a stand-alone. Think real-life bakery owner trying to do Cupcake Wars as well as wedding cakes and Maid-of-Honor duties for both her best friend and baby sister. I literally did laugh until I cried. If you need a mood-lifter this is the book for you!


Sorrow’s Point by Danielle Devor (Horror)
Well-researched, well-written, and seriously creepy. No, it’s not Stephen King or Joe Hill, but it’s horror properly done. Not blood-and-guts but setting-as-character. PERFECT for letting readers pull in their own disturbing details! This involves a de-frocked priest and his Wiccan friend – a combo I’m looking forward to reading more about!

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