Boss, My OTHER Teenager

This is Boss (the one on the right).  He appears to be an average brown dog, but I have discovered that he’s actually a teenage boy in disguise.  Since this house has had a teenage boy in residence for almost seven years, and will have one for over seven more (yes, we now realize that was poor planning) I guess he ended up in the right home.  Here’s how I figured out his secret:

His legs are longer and his feet bigger than what suits the size of his body.

He eats enough to feed three adults. . . and is still hungry.

He smells funny.  “Nuff said.

He has boundless energy, but sleeps like the dead once he finally does drop.

He can hear the crinkle of a package of graham crackers being opened from the other end of the house through a closed door, but doesn’t hear me when I call his name.

He can sense when I’m in pain or upset, and he’ll follow me around the house, plopping his gangly body down wherever I stop until he decides I’m doing better and he can wander off again.

He knows how to melt my heart in an instant. (It’s the sticky-uppy ears – they get me every time.)

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14 thoughts on “Boss, My OTHER Teenager”

  1. Boss would definitely melt my heart, too. My teenage boy would not let me photograph him much, though — I have way too many pictures of “the hand.” Congrats on getting heads & eyes in the shots of the boys!

  2. Have a 5-year-old son now. Thanks for the reminder that he’ll still be sweet sometimes when he’s a teenager — and for the reminder not to get a dog.

  3. Aww! I am not a dog lover but this post has softened my stance… a bit! Seriously, I’ve a cat and tween. I think that is all I can handle!

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