Boy Mom Doin’ Girl Stuff ~ Feel Good Friday

I’m really enjoying Feel Good Friday! It puts me in the right frame of mind to start the weekend. Today I’m posting about something that happened this week that made me smile. I’m a Boy Mom, so I’ve never helped anyone pick out tights and hairbows to match their dress, or gone to a dance recital, or done hair. I don’t even do my own hair since I go to work at 4:30 in the morning and let’s face it, at 4:30 in the morning the “makeup and hair” goal is just to not scare small children. This week I got to help Aaron’s girlfriend, Catherine, straighten her hair. Now first, let me say that her hair in its natural state is to die for. Beautiful brown hair with subtle red highlights, soft curls. Yeah, it’s the hair the rest of us are hoping to get in our next life. Of course, she wants to change it. She colors it periodically, adds extensions, cuts it herself, does all those things we all know we’re not supposed to do and are tempted to do anyway. Aaron called me Tuesday afternoon and asked, “If Catherine gets a hair straightening kit will you help her straighten her hair?” Of course, as a mom (even a boy mom) I felt obligated to say that this was something best done by a professional and then only after serious consideration. Long story short, we ended up in my kitchen with a box of chemicals and a bottle of wine (just for me, of course). We had a wonderful time and I got to “do hair”! No, I’m not ready for Babes in Hairland, but it will tide me over until I get my triplet granddaughters many years from now. Here’s the step-by-step progression: This is before. Check out those gorgeous natural curls! Yes, I made her put on one of my old scrub tops so she wouldn’t ruin her clothes. Her mom was already annoyed enough. This was with all the chemicals on. Surprisingly, they didn’t smell awful like perms do. This was after it was all done. LOTS of neutralizing and rinsing – glad I got that spray attachment for the new sink! Aaron stayed close by, being supportive through the whole thing. He gets points for being a good son AND a good boyfriend. Finished product. She’s happy, and her hair is soft and healthy. Now if we can just get Aaron to do something with HIS hair before prom next month . . .

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8 thoughts on “Boy Mom Doin’ Girl Stuff ~ Feel Good Friday”

  1. She really is gorgeous ….

    Anytime you want to help with tights and hairbows, you just give me a call. Rachel has gotten SO picky about shoes, etc. We had a fight yesterday — she wanted to wear her Cinderella dress AND dress up shoes (plastic, mind you!) to Wal-Mart.

    Love that Aaron is showing some love for the future college! I love his shirt!

  2. "4:30 in the morning the "makeup and hair" goal is just to not scare small children"- that sentence gave me a good laugh.

    I enjoyed reading this and she looked so pretty both ways.

  3. "Of course she wants to change it" I laughed so hard because of course she does! She's a girl.

    Although it is simply gorgeous straight!!!

    Way to go Boy Mom :-))

    I am so happy you like FGF!! Thank You!

  4. I love Katherine's hair straight, maybe we could do Aaron's.

    Girls are suppose to make changes to their hair. Wonder how she would look as a redhead. She would even look beautiful bald, but let's not try that yet.

    Girl stuff is fun.

  5. Here from SITS! I am a mom of two boys! I always love when a girl comes over, and I ask – can I brush your hair! They are usually 4 or 5, so they love it too! Your sons girlfriends hair looks great – good job!

  6. Oh it looks like you did a great job! Your son & his girlfriend make such a cute couple!
    I agree about being destined to meet in Baltimore! 🙂

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